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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hey guys... Happy Saturday!

Todays stuff I love is gonna be CLOUDS!

I went for a family car ride today.. I never get fed up with sitting in the car and watching the clouds fly by my window.. When I was little I was always the one who jumped at a car ride with my Dad! And as an adult who never learnt to drive I still love it so!

Sitting in the car..Chasing clouds!

The sky is such a magical place!
I want to be a cloud collector!

I love quiet Summer days.. Laying on a blanket looking up at the sky
finding magical creatures in the clouds.. Watching the funny shapes form and change!

Rabbits..Dinosaurs.. Monsters..

What did YOU see in the clouds today??

One day I want to cuddle up in the sweetest cloud with everyone thats ever touched my heart!

I know Ethel has a magic cloud!

So.. Thats todays stuff I love.. I LOVE CLOUDS!!

Thanks for stopping by.. Do YOU love clouds too??

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