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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hey guys... Well as it's the day for blogging about stuff I LOVE
AND it's International monster's day..

Well.. I have to tell you about MONSTERS I LOVE!!!!
I have a lot of crafty friends.. Yeah we all do this crazy stuff for a job.. Cool huh?
There are lots of monsters out there.. But these are MY favourites and made by the sweetest people!

The first on my list is BASIL made by the AMAZING PinkSprinklesPlush
She is an amazing person with awesome monster making skills.. People try to take on her style but can't even touch how amazing her monsters are! They have REAL HEART!!
I have 2 of her creatures.. And my Noah has one too!

FOREST Made by the FABULOUS JaeBird often imitated but NEVER replicated, her super cute pocket sized monsters are always a giant hit with me! I have one of her little sweeties.. She loves going on boat trips!

It wouldn't be a things I love blog without mentioning my LOVELY LOVELY friend at Cuteandcreepy we have lots of her plush monsters here... All completely crazy and totally unique! Noah has a monster called Percy the protector who keeps the nightmare monsters away! 

Another one of my lovely friends who makes art collectables from upcycled materials and socks
is Treacher Creatures.. She has a new range of monsters called Frobbits totally magical and super cute! Please go check her out!!

Meet Cuthbert he's made by the super sweet Cutedesigns Oooh I wish I could crochet at all.. Let alone like her! She's amazing!!

I simply ADORE Stewart made by the crazy cool and fellow Plush Team member dkoss2
One day I WILL own one of her magical monsters!!! And check out those crazy horns... Never seen anything so cool!

Monster day wouldn't be monster day without one of my all time favourites Loveandasandwich I have several of her crazy cool monsters..Including one of these pocket yetis . She's a legend in the monster making circles and one of my heros! If you haven't already go check her out!

So there you have it... A few of MY favourite monsters and monster makers..
Remember..Choosing a monster friend is a serious business..

Make sure you have lots in common..
Find the perfect adoption centre.. These above come highly recommended!
Find the perfect unique monster.. Something unique and one off!
Find a monster creator with heart.. Something created with love has a soul!
And make sure you have a full biscuit tin! Monsters LOVE biscuits!



cutedesigns said...

Aw, love this post! So many amazing creatures and talented people. I feel honoured to be here. x

Anonymous said...

I love this post too! And am honored to have such a special mention. Thank you Kitty!!! XOXOX

Cody said...

I love this post! I didn't know it was International Monster's Day! I wish I had known, I would have ran a special on my Mon-stors for this day! ♥ Great post!

CourtneyMarieT said...

Wow, thanks Kitty! What a great group of monsters (and people) to be included with! Like Donna and Jess said, I feel honored to be here as well. ♥ oxoxo