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Friday, 18 May 2012

Illustration friday SIGHT


The faculty or power of seeing.

Hahaha this was the PERFECT word for me today 
BECAUSE this morning I went to the opticians for a check up 
and to get some new glasses!!

Ok ok I KNOW I've needed glasses for ages and I should be wearing them more
I'm pretty short sighted.. But I kinda like it that way sometimes..
The things I hold near I can focus on properly!

Anyway..Here they are..

Plain..Black framed geek specs!


I collect them on Monday and i'm kinda excited!

Sight for me is so much more than vision... It's the ability to see magic all around me!
See the world through the eyes of the child you once were!

But being as today was glasses day..This weeks doodle was inspired by that!

Thanks for stopping by guys..

Love Kitty x


Els04 said...

Looking good!!!

Helen Clancy said...

Cant wait to see a pic of you in your new specs!! xx :0)