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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys.... And welcome to the very first WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!!!

Firstly let me explain.. Although I am quite a Chewbacca fan.. 
I'm afraid there will be nothing Star Wars related here..
These Wednesdays will be dedicated to my favourite furry friends...
HAMSTERS.. Or as I like to call them.. WOOKIES!!!

Yes.. The faithful and fun friend.. 
Pouch pal and funny little ball of fur that gives me endless entertainment!

So this day on my blog will feature HAMS!!!

Whether it be a favourite in the pet shop... That's made me giggle!

A memory...

Current affairs..

Or something creative... Hamster related!

Also... I'll be including pictures from YOU GUYS!!!!
So... If you have a little wookie of your very own..And you'd like them to have a feature
PLEASE send a pic to
Also if you've done a doodle or have a hamster related item to show please get in touch!

I wanna meet more like minded people via my blog.. So don't be shy..dive in!
Give your hamster a moment of FAME!!

Oh and to celebrate the very first WOOKIE WEDNESDAY..
I created pocket wookies.. Based on my own doodle!

Each one comes with its own little positive aceo to keep in your wallet

And remind you that wookies make the world a brighter place!

I will be listing these little guys in my Etsy shop later today!

I hope you enjoyed the very first WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!??

Please let me know.. I'd love to hear your feedback..And remember to send me and hamster related goodies for another week!

Happy Wednesday
Love from me and Walter!

(Awesome sign made by Terri! A MASSIVE Walter fan!)


cutedesigns said...

Love! Love! Love! Wookie Wednesday is such a sweet idea and I love your new puffs and ACEOs.

Awwww......... I've not had an actual hamster for years now but have fond memories of my little fuzzies. :)

Chepcher Jones said...

Love the Wookies - awesome idea! But as a pet now I have only my Husband and some ants and crows :) LOL

Heidi M said...

I LOVE the Wookies, they are just the sweetest, i don't have a hamster am sure it really would not work out with Nora and Evie, they run my house ! so i will have to buy a wookie and fill that hamster hole

Helen Clancy said...

I love this idea!!! This is going to be something great to look forward to every Wednesday! As you know I have a few hammys myself already but I have just got to get myself a Wookie very soon!! xx :0)