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Monday, 30 April 2012

The week in review

Well the weather wasn't amazing..In fact it was pretty much rainy EVERY day! So I didn't take so many pic this week.. BUT there was the first WOOKIE WEDNESDAY.And daily blogging challenge .. Fun with Walty and Wilbs..Stickers.. Creativity.. New stuff.. Doodles.. A day out with my boys to see The Avengers..And a new friend..Harold the hedgehog came to visit on a wet and windy Sunday night!

Wookie Wednesday was an amazing success..

5 little wookies went into the shop
and 5 little wookies all found new homes!

They were all packed up with their little happy cards and sent off..

While I was thinking about wookies.. I did a doodle for a special friend!
I'd promised to do it ages ago so it felt good to do a lovely tribute for her including ALL her hamster friends!

So much fun.. I adore tribute doodling. It just feels so special!

And thinking about hams... Here's Walter with this weeks funny face!

AND a whole lotta cleaning!

Haha silly Walt!

Yeah well the weather wasn't great this week!
LOADS of showers.. But I kinda like showers.. It feels fun racing away from the grumpy ones
And chasing the happy fluffy ones.

Plus being indoors helped me to do my daily blogging.. I'm really enjoying waffling away!

Wilbur gave me a late Bench Monday on a Friday.. Haha well the weather had been grotty!

On Sunday we finished the week with a special day..

WOW! Awesome movie!! And FWOAR.. I mean THOR!! Haha 
What a sight.. *SWOONS*
We followed this up with a Nando's and then cuddled up at home on the sofa!
Totally inspired and very excited..

Avengers style lucha stickers available HERE

Then a little friend came to visit on that cold stormy night..

Meet Harold the hedgehog... Yay I hope he's a regular!

So I'm sorry there aren't many pics for last week.. BUT fingers crossed I get more this week!

What have YOU been up to? I'd LOVE to hear from you guys..

Thanks for stopping by.. Come back soon!

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