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Monday, 23 April 2012

The week in review

Back to reality after the holidays... But it's always made better by..Blue skies.. Doodling.. Cycling.. Crafting.. New pens.. Fun with toys.. Sweets.. New plush from amazing artists.. And my favourite pillow!!

The bluest of skies on Monday Morning made my cycle into town PERFECT!

I always miss that little guy when he goes back to school so I grabbed him a little treat in the shape of his new love.. 


HAHA if you haven't seen these little guys..You need to check them out!
They're really cool and inspirational!

Being as he loves his Mum and thinks I'm cool.. He gives me the swaps..
Perfect for this weeks bench Monday.
Meet noxious bee who helped out!

And then this little guy who was perfect for a rainy shot when the blue skies passed!

It was kinda rainy all week really.. But luckily I was working with rainbows

And this amazing blue skies and fluffy clouds fabric which turned up!

But mainly I was getting the prizes made for the RAINBOW GIVEAWAY!

So if YOU like the look of these prizes please head over here and join in the fun!
You have until 30th April to take part!

It's always exhausting getting back to the real world routine after a holiday
but I found the PERFECT solution...

Just strap your favourite pillow to the back of your head for those immediate nap situations!

Oh and DOUGHNUTS help too...
Check out these... My Jacob treated us..

My favourite...

WOW! That's all I can say... Sweet treats make me happy!

AND fish and chips for lunch anyone?

I'm slowly working my way through all the new sweets at the shop!
And these got a big thumbs up!

Hmm.. What else happened this week?
Oh yeah! Awesome mail....

Loads of super cute stickers and sweet Ethel Squishlings!
Perfect for my little memory corner.

This little one visited my Ethel rose...

See how well its growing. It makes me smile to see all the leaves because I know my little Ethel's soul is happy! I can't WAIT for the beautiful roses!

And I also got a new friend from Polly Doodars

Isn't she beautiful? She fits in here just perfectly!

Oooh and I got all excited about my new pigeon friends building a nest outside my bedroom window... If you read Tuesdays blog you'd know about Hank and Betty..
Here's Betty..

I just love watching Hank collecting sticks and listening to them coo..

And when we looked out on Friday we saw two eggs!!

I hope everything is alright.. I'd love to hear little babies in the nest!
I'll be monitoring them closely and keeping you up to date!

I was also really excited about my new postcards from Vistaprint!

I love putting little extra goodies in my parcels.. 
Stickers and cards to make people smile and I think these are going to do just the trick!

Speaking of which... I did some doodles for people..
Tribute doodles..

Because pets mean the world to me... 
And when people lose their furry friends I want to try and make them smile
and remember the good times!

I don't charge for tribute doodles... 
But do ask that people make a small donation to an animal charity!

I also worked on a custom business doodle

This was so much fun to do.. 
And you have to check out their facebook page to see all their yummy goodies!

Here are a few more customs I've done lately

Remember if YOU would like a custom doodle or card
Please email me at for prices and details!

Yeah so there you go.. That was MY week..
Pretty much at home in my little hermit bubble but I got loads done
and had lots of fun!

Hahaha silly outtakes... Seemed a shame to waste them!!! 

What did YOU get up to???

Have a great week guys... Make it fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was quite a week. Now I want donuts!!!

coffeemunkii said...

I love your silly outtakes! All your pictures make me smile! And that pink bunny is AMAZING! :D Big pink hugs!

Sharon said...

Your pictures of a week on Planet Kitty are just lovely - life looks fun up there! Keep sharing xx

Blogger said...

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