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Monday, 16 April 2012

Week in review

The second week of the Spring holiday!
So much fun... JAWS.. Sunshine.. Fluffy clouds.. Puffs.. Family.. Doodling.. Sunsets.. Flowers and my NOAH!

Starting with BANK HOLIDAY Monday!!
And the tradition that is.....JAWS!!!!

Hahahaha.. I LOVE Jaws!! Noah sits through it with me EVERY time its on!
But I watch his face.. I KNOW he loves it too!

Haha.. A JAWS inspired bench Monday shot!

Anyway movies are perfect to work to...
And I had a jumbo party bag happy kit order to complete!



And zines..

So much fun to do! I LOVE custom orders...

Then it was time to have some non work related fun..
A trip to the park..
And it was a beautiful day!!!

Noah took this picture of Mum.. Dad and me!
Haha goofy but sweet!

Dad bought us ice creams but I was aware of this greedy cloud with his eye on it!

Haha this Finger Face app is too much fun!

And a little crazy.. I mean this is what I end up doing when i can't sleep..

Hmm so what else happened? Well we watched a lot of movies and hung about chilling

Had a cream tea treat!

This is what a fun day for us looks like..

You see I'm not really crazy about being surrounded by people.. I'm a real hermit!
My Noah makes me push myself that little bit more and is great for me
BUT if nothing else my funny blogs are kind of proof positive that with a little bit of fun and creative thought... You don't really need to spend much or go anywhere far just to have fun!

This on the other hand..Is me when I'm not having much fun..

Because sometimes situations or people try and throw a spanner into your works!
But I always just take nonsense and use it creatively..

It sometimes inspires some of my favourite work.. Like this one!

Then I feel all better!!!

LOVE HAMS!! Well I certainly do..
As for Walter.. Shh he's checking his emails haha..

Oooh other exciting news.... I got into PLUSH YOU again this year!
Plush you is an annual plush show held in Seattle at the Schmancy store!
Hmm...SO MANY crazy ideas in my head again!!!


AND... My FACEBOOK PAGE hit 4000 likers!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported me by following my adventures here or on my page.. Anyone and everyone who's bought even a sticker from me!

You're making my dreams come true daily and I LOVE YOU ALL!!

If you don't follow my Facebook page please head over here and click like!

I'd love to see you there!

Well one minute you're having loads of fun.. dancing like a loon..And then before you know it... The holidays are OVER!!

BOO! Time for just one more walk in the woods to say goodbye to Sunday!

And hang out having fun..

Man I miss him when it all goes back to reality!

He was sad too.. But I said just keep a little bit of your bubble with you and you'll be fine!
Even when you feel like this.....

Happy new week guys... Take your bubble with you!!

1 comment:

heartstitch said...

I love how you and Noah have preeeeeetty much the same haircut :D so so cute!
Also, which woods are those? You've made them look almost like Africa (if you squint a bit and wish it was warmer)!
Jaws is AMAZING! I will watch any Jaws film. Mostly one, but on occasions I will settle for jaws IV :P
I'm a bit confused as to what that thing that you have put two faces on is... it worries me :P
I'm sure Walter and your puffs will keep you amused when Noah's not about!