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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The week in review

WOW!!!! Well SO MANY AWESOME THINGS contributed to this AMAZING week!!! School holidays... Noah's Birthday AND Easter! Basically it was full of FUN FUN FUN... Creativity.. Sunshine.. Awesome goodies.. Cake..Chocolate and my favourite people in the whole world! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYNESS!!!!! ♥

I LOVE the school holidays... For SO MANY REASONS!!
 I get a little lay in..which means I'm way more productive!
I get to hang out with my guys..
And my house looks like this..

So it's REALLY cosy!!

Anyway..The Easter holidays are always fun... Firstly because it's my Noah's Birthday!
This year he turned 11!!!! Oh MY! 

Of course I made him a card!! HE LOVED IT!!

And he was blown away by his cool presents!

Here's just a few.....

An iPod touch.. And cool retro tape case

Pearl Jam tee ... Yeah my boys a grunge fan!! GO NOAH!!!

Hahaha..Crazy hopper

Comic book converse.. HELL YEAH!!!

And awesome new monster friends....

THEN... We went bowling...

Haha I LOVE bowling with these guys...

My family are everything!

The most awesome fun is always had with these guys! Bowling was AWESOME fun!

Then we came hoe for a Birthday tea and CAKE...

The cake was a triple layer coffee cake and made by my Dad!

I LOVE my boy... To see him happy makes ME happy!

What an amazing day! And after the most magical 11 years he's given me...
He deserved every second of it!

Hmmm.. What else happened this week? 

Well there was awesome mail in the shape of my new phone cover
 and yummy ribbons from my friend Helen!

After drinking iced lemon tea in the sunshine on Monday..

By Thursday I was back in my woolly hat!
Crazy weather!

And erm... THOR!!! OMG! I am in LOVE!!!! 
I watched the movie with Noah.. You know he's a comic book geek!
Well.. THOR.. They could easily rename that movie FWOAR! Haha!
Thunder will never feel the same again!

Oooh and I released the new HAPPY KITS for April...

There are still some available but are only in store for the month of April!
So grab yours HERE 

AND... I made the WALTER PUFF!!!

If you'd like a Walter of your very own... You can grab one HERE

Walter met his doppelganger but he wasn't scared!

Maybe a little confused!

But he soon got over it and back to cleaning himself up!

Haha here's MY favourite..

LICK! Haha check out the tongue!!

Well THEN... It was EASTER!!! Woop!!

I made cards...

One for my Jacob...

Featuring him and me (his little egg)

One for my bro..Featuring his furry friend Alice!

One for Noah..Featuring his lifelong buddy Little Blue!

And one for Mum and Dad.. Featuring the three of us in Easter dress up..

Noah got me some sweet presents...

And I got LOTS of eggs!!

THEN.. It was time for the Easter dress up..

And we played ANGRY BIRDS!

HAHAHA!! Well what else would be so perfect for easter?

And then.... The moment I'd ben waiting for....

Walter woke up for his egg!


And my favourite shot from this little shoot is...

Walter gets stuck in!

He LOVED his special hamster egg!

100% yoghurt.. And my little Walty LOVES yoghurt!

I hope you guys all had a good week! 

What did you get up to? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by.. Happy new week!

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