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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The week in review

WOAH!! Super fun week... Rainbows..Breakfasts.. New friends.. Awesome mail..Walter.. Doodles.. Sunsets.. Sunrises..Wilbur and my boys!! ♥

Monday started perfectly.... New Spring dress and breakfast with my Jacob!

Yep it's true... I LOVE hash browns...

And I LOVE that boy!!

We saw a portal to a magical land..

I tried to dive in... Whoops but then noticed it was just a slogan on a fan... Boo! Pretty awesome though huh?

Well then the fun just kept coming...
When I got home I had awesome mail from the postman...

MY ETHEL MONSTER from PinkSprinklesPlush

WOW! I LOVE her SOOOOOO much!!!

Thank you Courtney! You ROCK!!

If any of you guys need a monster friend...
Which I'm sure you do.. You HAVE to rush over to her Etsy shop!

Then I got another awesome parcel from my super sweet friend Jess...

She sent me this Cannibalised Cuties bracelet

AND.... Benny!!!

Isn't he AWESOME!!??? 
We did a swap you see... 

I made her a jumbo bee puff and she sent me Benny because I loved him so!

I took him for chips..

And we watched the sunset....

The perfect welcome to the UK!!!

Hmm... What else have I been up to? 
Oh yeah! Doodling!

I finally doodled on the first page of my jumbo moleskine...

And designed a couple of aceo fronted cards for friends!!

Because I love it when people get Kitty mail and say it made them smile!!

And you know what makes me smile?

Well lots of things but here's a couple... My furry boys..

And Wilbur....

And speaking of furry friends... It was Bone's Birthday on Sunday..
Bone is an amazing lil pooch.. She's the trusty sidekick of my friend Jess in L.A!

So Noah and I drew her some Happy Birthday doodles..

Then on Sunday night after clearing out Noah's room in preparation for his Birthday..
We went for a walk in the woods...

Goodnight Sunday..Goodbye week!

What have you guys been up to?

Happy new week.. I hope its fun!

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