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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Hey guys... 
Well I mentioned the other day I was adding a few extra features to my blog..

I will be blogging every day..

Week in review Monday
Treasury Tuesday
Wookie Wednesday
Tell me something Thursday
Illustration Friday
Stuff I love Saturday
Sticker Sunday

And I'm quite excited that tomorrow is my first 

Inspired by so many things..
My love of hams
My doodles
And this funny poster..

My Jacob brought one home for me and I was INSTANTLY inspired... 
But... You'll have to wait until tomorrow for that!!

For now.. I'll leave you with this weeks treasury..

My best friend's an 8 inch wookie

Some people call them rodents
Others call them hams
but my best friend's a wookie
A sidekick that weighs a few grams!

To all you wookie lovers out there fighting for a sunnier day!

In memory of my sweet Ethel

And for my funny little Walter

The sweetest wookies a girl could ever know!!

Thanks for looking... If you'd like to see these goodies up close please click HERE

Oh and until tomorrow here's a sneak peek!

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