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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Hey guys.. Happy Tuesday!

Treasury time..

This week my collection is inspired by my new wood pigeon friends nesting outside my bedroom window!

I LOVE pigeons.. I feel sorry for them.. Rats of the sky people call them!
But people attracted them.. I'm sure they only want to be friends..

People think they're stupid..

And laugh at them.. But I think they're funny in a super cute way!

Their cooing reminds me of my childhood

And I LOVE to hear my new friends busy building their new nest!

In fact here's Betty..

Hank was flying about looking for twigs!

So here you have it....

Inspired by the wood pigeons nesting outside my bedroom window... 

I love to hear them busy at work building their nest.

The underdog bird.. Therefore the one that gets MY vote!

So Hank and Betty... This ones for YOU guys!!!
If you'd like to take a closer look at the cute pigeon goodies please click HERE

Thanks for looking guys!!!

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