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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Okay guys.. So my Brother is writing a book...

It sounds so amazing and his facebook page is really interactive..

If the world was due to end and you were sitting watching it all happen.. 
What 20 songs would YOU like to hear??

Songs that mean something special to you

Songs that bring back some magical memories..

Here's MY list

No ceiling - Eddie Vedder

Green eyes - Coldplay

Perfect blue buildings - Counting Crows

I am I said - Neil Diamond

Have you seen me lately - Counting Crows

Rocket man - Elton John

Warning sign - Coldplay

Winter - Tori Amos

In the air - REM

Up all night (Frankie Miller goes to Hollywood) - Counting Crows

Let go - Frou Frou

Baby I'm a big star now - Counting Crows

Where are they now - Gene

A song for you - Neil Diamond

Start again - Teenage Fanclub

Grapevine fires - Death Cab For Cutie

Separate lives - Phil Collins

Old Devil Moon - Petulia Clark

Witchita Lineman - Glen Campbell

Higher than reason - Unbelievable Truth

But what about YOURS????

This weeks treasury is inspired by hearing tales of the book writing..
The images and feelings it conjures up..

Twenty Twelve (20 songs 12 memorable months)

It's the end of the world and Will sits atop Parliament Square to watch it all happen. 

With just enough time to listen to the last 20 songs he'll ever hear, what does he choose? 

What would you choose?

 To see any of these wonderful goodies up close..
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It's a magical adventure and one I'm sure you'll enjoy being part of!

Love and rainbows 



heartstitch said...

Had already popped over to the Facebook page, and ever since I've been thinking about it, and I *still* haven't come to any conclusions about what my 20 would be. There is so much music out there, and so much more available since Internetland came about. I really have NO clue! Perhaps I wouldn't listen to any music. If each song lasts 3.5minutes and there was only time for 20, that's an hour and a squidge... I think I'd just listen to the world go by, it would be rude not to really, if it were ending n all. I know that's not the point of the book. But it's the best I can do considering I can't pick 20 specific songs! Also. You listen to FAR too much Counting Crows! :P

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Haha there's no such thing as too much! He writes the songs that are in my head....It's my soundtrack!!

coffeemunkii said...

I can't think of 20 right now, but maybe I could post them as I think of them? #1 Would HAVE to be Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, #2 Would be Hotel California by the Eagles, #3 Alanis Morisette, Uninvited, #4 Tori Amos, Cornflake Girl, #5 Evanescence, Missing, #6 Can't Take It by The All-American Rejects, #7 Broken, (Seether and Amy Lee version) #8 Sally's Song from Nightmare before Christmas (Amy Lee Version), #9 and #10 Would be anything from Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, and #11 is2 AM Paradise Cafe by Barry Manilow, #12 For Good from the Musical Wicked....Well, I'm over halfway...a good start. :)

cupidmagicpoet said...

Thanks sis, you're the best!!! Love your creativity, love your list and love you! :) x