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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys... Here's the second part of the ABC of me!

Next week I guess I'll just tell you a couple of random things.. But for now..

Here you go..

A = Age
37.. Eeek! But 38 this year on July 31st! Haha makes me laugh. 
When I was little it seemed SO OLD!
But the secret is.. NEVER let go of the child inside!

B = Bed size
Double cabin bed.. The bed of my dreams. When I was a little girl I watched Heidi and always wanted to live in a cabin with a bed that I had to climb a ladder to get into. NOW thanks to Jacob.. I have that bed!!

I work under the bed too... I like having a little secret place to sew!

And I sleep under a rainbow...COOL HUH???

C = Chore that you hate
Ironing! I'm quite lucky that my clothes are most old vintage goodies so they dry quite flat!

D = Dogs
I am much more of a cat person
 but I have always had a soft spot for pugs daschunds and other titchy dogs!
I think my dream dog would be a Brussells Griffon though because I fell in love when I watched As good as it gets.. One of my favourite films and my favourite dog!

Plus.. It's the closest to my cats Dollie and Wilbur but in dog form!

E = Essential start to your day
Well this year its my 366 project! I'm taking a photo from my bedroom window every day.

But ALWAYS tea!

F = Favourite colour
Haha as if you didn't know.... PINK!

G = Gold or silver
Neither really! I'm much more of a plastic girl!

H = Height
5ft 7"
I always wanted to be smaller as I was growing up though..
Always believed I was too big to be cute!

I = Instruments you play
Hahahaha.. I have NO musical ability at all..
However I did play the recorder at school!
Oh and I took up the violin.. But I swear that was to get out of p.e!
I'd like an xylophone.. I think that could be the instrument for me!

And this one is the stuff of dreams.. By my plush hero My Paper Crane amazing!!

J = Job title
Artist... It's my main source of income now and I'm finally running my own little business!
It's all I ever dreamed of! Making a living doing something I LOVE!

K = Kids
My gorgeous boy and sidekick Noah 11...
The reason I was born and an amazing source of sunshine and inspiration!

L = Live
Poole Dorset UK

M = Mothers name

N = Nicknames
Kitty mainly, Oh and Jacob calls me little egg!

O = Oddity
Hmm.. Where to start? Well they don't seem odd to me but.. My crazy love of wearing pink..
 my true belief I come from another planet.. My passion for eating crisps soaked in vinegar and a crazy love of sniffing my duvet to calm me down.. I don't like numbers and am terrible as maths yet when I'm anxious I count LOTS usually starting at 32!

But differences are cool! I love to hear how different everyone is..
If you have a good heart it's all that matters!

P = Pet peeves
Rudeness.. Arrogance.. Bad manners!
My Mum always says... Manners cost nothing.. And if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!

Q = Quote from a movie
"I don't want to have to do this living. I just walk around. I want to be swept off my feet, you 
know? I want my children to have magical powers. I am prepared for amazing things to happen. I can handle it. "

From my favourite movie.. You and me and everyone we know!

R = Right or left handed

S = Siblings
One brother Michael

T = Tea or coffee

U = Underwear
Yes please it's chilly here

v = Vegetable.. Favourite
Beetroot! I LOVE BEETROOT!!!!
My Dad grows it on his allotment and it doesn't even get as far as the table.. I scoff the lot!

W = What makes you run late
My cats.. Walter and the internet
You see Wilbur has a mega soft head..
He's soooo strokeable! I have to work away from him or I'll never work

Walter..Well he's so flippin cute but he's a lazy boy so doesn't wake til very late in the evening..
If I'm not in bed you can find me sat with him taking snaps!

And the internet..Well it's so addictive..
I have the best friends online.. I hang about way too long gossiping!

X =  Xtra special memory
Neil Diamond with Dad last year.. It was the moment I'd waited my whole life for! 
And it was totally worth the wait!

Y  = Yuck something you don't like
Raisins.. Can't stand them.. Never have! Can't swallow them.. Really freaky snack!

Z = Zoo animal
Capybaras! I cannot and will not leave the zoo until I've seen them! Jumbo rodents RULE!!!

Phew so there you go.. If you made it to the end..THANK YOU!
Please share if you do an A-Z yourself.. I'd love to learn more about you guys!!

Maybe even let us know what some of YOUR favourites are here..
I want EVERY day on my blog to be like a pyjama party!!!

Thanks for reading.. And please leave a comment.. I LOVE your comments!!


Lula said...

Hello Kitty - lovely blog post with super duper pics. I wanted to stop by and say thanks - the pic of Ethel and Nessa arrived today and I love it. I posted your thank you gift so hopefully will be with you tomorrow.
I can see tell me something thursday may get harder as we get to know you better so i wondered if we could all make suggestions about what we would like to know. My question is who was your favourite teacher (at school I guess but not necessarily) and why. I think teachers can really affect how we turn out, how we feel about ourselves and what subjects we like.
The zoo animal question... I loved that. My fav has to be giraffes.... but since spending a few days in the desert last year and seeing wild camels, Im rather fond of them too.

Keep blogging hun - you should be available on the nhs - everytime I feel a bit low I find sunshine here.

Lu xxx

Anonymous said...

Love this!! It was quite a romp across the alphabet!!

little bobbins said...

Yay, loving your a-z's they are so fun. I love capybara!

I love your 366 days of sky project, I'd love the idea of a daily project, must get my thinking cap on and think of a good subject :D

Thanks for your constant inspiration :)