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Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hello guys!!!

Well finally I hit the 4000 mark on my Facebook page thanks to all my lovely followers

It really means the world to me..THANK YOU!!

SO... As promised.. Here's the SUPER RAINBOW GIVEAWAY!

Like the look of these prizes?

Well.. They're up for grabs!

First prize..
Rockin the rainbow art hoop..

Second prize..
Unicorn queen art hoop..

Third and fourth prizes..
A rainbow puff..

And I will be giving 2 runners up KITTY STICKERS!!

Like the sound of that?

Well all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning is leave a comment here telling us

What YOU like about Kittypinkstars?

Not just me me me haha.. But more the idea of what I'm trying to create here..
A happy little rainbow bubble full of positivity!

I'm always looking to sprinkle a little more sunshine into peoples daily lives... 
And I hope it's working!?

Have any of my creations made a difference to YOU?
Have you been inspired? If so, how?
What is it you look forward to seeing on my page?
Why do you read my blog?
Is there anything else you'd like to see?
Share something with us guys!!

Anything really.. I'd just like to know if I've made a difference and if so.. How?

There's so much more to come.. Including the following blog features..

Starting next week The new daily additions will be..

Wookie Wednesday

Tell me something Thursday

And stuff I love Saturday

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Text it to your friends.. Stick it on a post it note and leave it somewhere!
Whatever you can think of

I'm just so interested to meet like minded people and would just LOVE to hear from you!
Also if you have a blog..Please leave the link so we can all check it out!

The giveaway ends on 30th April at midnight GMT

And I will be picking the winners on May 1st


THANK YOU for following!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

And 4000.. WOWZERS! I'm over the MOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!

Go on guys.. Join in.. Tell your friends and make someone smile today! 


katster said...

your pizazz is just fab ..... you take being creative enthusiastic and incredibly awesome to a whole different rainbow .... i am 42 almost and had forgoten the power of how being around such cute stuff cant change a sad face into a happy face...i am now not only a fan on facebook but have now followed a blog for the very first about finding gold at the end of a rainbow becuse theres also these way beyond fantastic prizes to win!!!!!!!!! how awesome of you to go above and beyond the rainbow to lighten my heart and sing again...thank you kitty pink stars your rock1!kat..

katster said...

i love you kitty pink stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!your newest blogger kathy

Lizzybeth said...

Well the thing I love most about your page is its guaranteed to bring a smile to my face when I've had a bad day. It might be a pic of Walter, a new puff or am original doodle. And I don't even have to be online thanks to the beautiful couples doodle hanging in my man's room. Thank you for the sunshine smiles xxx

coffeemunkii said...

Whenever I have a bad day, I know I can come here and see something that will make me smile, whether it's you, your puffs, or a ham sandwich. :) Sometimes life gets me down, but I get back up again, in part thanks to you and your sparkly personality. It's like a pink cloud that carries me up to Rainbowland. Thank you for being you.

hollysmum22 said...

i absolutly love kittypinkstars it definatly brings a bit of fluffy cuteness to my day

cutedesigns said...

Awesome! Well I've been a "kittypinkstars fan" for years now, back in the day of sock creatures and knitted doughnuts. :) I have always loved everything that comes out of your imagination. I love the fun, colours, creativity, energy and you make me smile. You inspired me to doodle and share them as well. :)

You made my day recently with my Ando pet tribute, it was lovely.

You deserve all good things. x

Anonymous said...

What I love most about your page is that it is so "fun" It's everything I wish I was,it reminds me of my childhood were dreams were real, full of colour, fun and hope !!! I suffer with depression and struggle some days and when I come on fb it is a lot of the same old stuff people complaining, moaning and although I love to be able to support these friends it's a little depressing but your page makes me smile when I see a pic or post from you I know it will be bright and cheery !!!! Your an amazing creative and positive person, dont ever stop what you do !!! and as soon as I am not so skint will be treating myself and kids to a little bit of fluffy loveness xxxxx

Maria Hawley

Butterscotch Creations said...

I love your page, I love the thought behind the way you package your makes, I love how colourful and sunny your page / posts are. carly xxx

Chepcher Jones said...

I love... I love this, that after I met Kitty I understood I can be me. You know just me, a bit crazy and plush lover. The one who is happy because found a nice tone or a piece of a seaglass. Puffs taught me to not pretend that I am someone else. And still they help me to smile.
OK they even make my postman smile, so this is big :)

I am not shinny and happy person, but I have my dreams and believes, and here at Kitty's page I feel home. Yeah of course She is pink, and I prefer blue, but this is what I love about Her that She treats everyone equal. And can talk to everyone and do not push, and make everyone place in Her World. I have a special cave under the tree :)

My Husband laughs that Kitty must have so much energy, that it just MUST be packed and delivered to other people like me... and I think this is what You do. You give us - like me not so easy to smile - energy and possibility to be who we are!
Thank You.

PS. And now I even have snowballs in Summer! This is the best!!!

Gill Bav said...

Well what can I say about Kitty Pinkstars ....................she made me a PUFFAHOLIC !!!
I never thought that one person could change someones perspective on life so much ...........but you did with rainbows and unicorns and one big world of fun !!! Thanks Kitty for your friendship AND for letting me into your amazing rainbow life, your facebook page came along and was just the therapy I needed. And YES it is all about you because you have brought your creations to life and made them what they are today.
Here's to a happy rainbow future for you, you truly truly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I think you've brought me a lot of positive energy this past year or so we've become in contact. Your stickers and attitude remind me on a daily basis to stay present and happy with the now. My giant bee is my bed buddy and there's no way taking him away from me!
My other puffs give me great joy when I look at their cute little bodies and faces.
I look forward to seeing your about you on the blog a lot. I like to know things about people I always find things like that interesting.
I've grown to love you very much Kitty, you mean a lot to me.

Susan B. said...

I love how fun you are and I adore your fuzzy critter!! Your blog is super cool and awesome!!! Thanx for this chance to win!! Love the puffs!! xoxoxo

Moonchild Mama said...

What I love about Kitty and KittyPinkstars!

WELL! :D I love the uber positivity that radiates from absolutely everything! When I visit Kitty I'm inspired to dream, to play, to laugh, and revel in all that I love. I'm inspired to create and share with those who touch me and remind me how precious life is. I'm inspired to run out into nature's wonderland looking for adventure! I'm inspired to wave my silly flag and be as unique as I was meant to be! It makes me want to reach out to my friends and family and even total strangers and remind them of how very special they are and that no matter what's happening right now, there's always a rainbow around the corner!

Thank you Sweet Kitty for being wonderful YOU! Having met your dear, wonderful brother has been a blessing in my life! For without that fated encounter I never would have stumbled across the magical world of you and your stuffed critters, and inspirational art, and beautiful family, and well you know what I mean!!!

Love to you, sweetie! And give your brother a huge hug from me next time you see him! My stuffed "Penny" waves hello! ;D


Ashlie said...

I love the fact that your products create happiness. You make things that are meant to make people feel good and have that little friend that will always listen!!!!

SunshineRose050505 said...

I love how cute everything is and that everything you make creats happiness for everyone.I also love how she is so positive even through the bad days,I also love how cute kitttypinkstars puffs are.I love how you have giveaways every weekend. <3

MrsB said...

I love kittypinkstars because there can never be enough unicorns or stickers (or unicorn stickers!) in my world!!! Xxx

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

There's so many things I love about KittyPinkStars I just don't know where to start, I love the fact that it just over flows with all things good, happiness and delight. My Puffs make me smile everytime I look at them. :)

Jules1711 said...

Your puffs are so cute and make everyone smile, that's a great achievemnet :o) You have the biggest heart and I can't wait to see your wonderful wishing tree!

Julia Bx

CourtneyMarieT said...

Kitty there are so many things I love about you and what you create. You bring so much happiness and positive energy with your posts and blog entries. I have to say it's really made a difference in how I view each day. I look forward to your posts each day. I feel very lucky to have gotten to know you better this year. I admire the way you stand up for your friends and I am very proud to call you a friend of mine. If I had an unlimited supply of funds I would own every KittyPinkStars creation you make. I love them all. Thanks for being such an inspiration and my rainbow of positivity. oxoxox

Lost Star said...

I love how positive the whole kittypinkstars designs are, and how you put so much colour and fun into our lives! :D Everyone needs a rainbow!

Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns said...

Ya know, I feel the same as Courtney does. I am so happy to know you and love what you do both emotionally and creatively!! I have a few of you items now, but I think the fairy hammy puff has been my fav. She looks over my shoulder everyday as I work....She tries to keep me on task, although I am thinking it's a rough job LOL. You help us all keep our head up and movin' forward! I you deserve a million followers :) XOXO

Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns said...

Sharing on FB ....of course :)

Heidi M said...

You heard of Ghostbusters ? well your creativity is a CLOUD BUSTER, you bring sunshine into my day with your uniqueness, your positivity through art and craft and you make me embrace colour ! When i received my Nora and Evie puff's i adored them so much, and when i see them sat in there spot on my bookshop i always smile, no one should ever underestimate the power to make someone smile :D

Kitty said...

I have not had the pleasure of owning your beautiful and inspiring artwork (yet) but I will! Your art always brings a smile to my face even under the darkest of times. We suffered a pretty devastating loss last year (I had an ectopic pregnancy) but by a miracle we conceived again just 2 months later. I am now 28 weeks and she is considered my rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a term used to express the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn't mean the storm never happened or that the we are not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and hope. This is what your art means to me... beautiful color, energy, and hope, even in a non perfect world. And this is something we need more of. I just wanted to thank you for sharing it with all of us. It is so inspiring and I cannot wait to decorate my daughters' rooms one day soon with your work! <3

Kitty said...

I have also tweeted your blog via my Twitter account: Kitty Crook (same name as my facebook account). :)

Clairebear g said...

Hi there kitty!
Well I have to say I'm so happy we stumbled across each other on Facebook, you have become a great friend of mines over the years, through bad times and good you have always shown me such kindness x you are one special lady kitty, I always tell my friends about your creations as everyone should know about the amazingly positive, pink loving, puff making, doodle doodler, happy bubble of rainbows and unicorns that is kitty Pinkstars x love and hugs Clairebear x

Julia Star said...

I love just about everything you do here on KittyPinkStars! I am a rainbow-lover 100% and the happiness, sunshine and rainbows on your blog bring me a smile every single day. I also love the format of your blog and all of the beautiful photos. I think my favorite feature on the blog is your Illustration Fridays, you always have such a creative outlook about so many different things! Keep rocking!

Julia Star

Lesley H said...

I love your work Kitty Pink Stars! Your drawings, your puffs, your personality. You are full of love and happiness! What more can anyone ask for?

Emma Hewlett said...

I love your work KittyPinkStars as your random rainbowness reminds me of my personality (which isn't always appreciated). Your blog makes me smile and your stickers are a great incentive for my class! Thank you for rainbows and sunshine! xxx

heartstitch said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you are the little ray of rainbow sunshine unicorny goodness that pops up in my newsfeed! It's so nice to have a little super happy message here and there in amongst the doom and gloom and 'oh look! I ate a sandwich' of Facebookland :P Between you and some other fab people on there, you have inspired me to take up doodling and other bits again after being so very doubtful about my own skills. I love the time and effort you put into your page, how you share little parts of your life with us, and how you always have something positive to say :D
A pleasure to not *really* know you but sort of know you :P

Anonymous said...

The white unicorn -- WANT.

<3 :3

gigifiji said...

I love your spirit and outlook on life, if ever I'm sad I can just look on your fbook,blog or etsy and all seems much brighter.
There should be kitty pinkstars happiness pills that make rainbows in our hearts, even when it rains, when horrid people make me nuts and crazy!
Drs should prescribe her, but her competitions will have to do for now ;)


rachel guy said...

Your work never fails to brighten my day....... Even when im knee deep in wool for my crocheting that my little boy has kindly tangled for me....... To make his own little rainbow lol

Helen Clancy said...

Kitty you brighten up my day! Your creations are AMAZING!!!! It was because of you that I set up my daisysmoos page on FB as until I discovered you on flickr I didn't even know there was this fantastic crafty world on there!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love you Miss Pinkstars!! xx :0)

Vera said...

It's such a happy, creative and PINK blog!!

Emilie Proctor said...

I love the awesomeness that you create! And I love seeing your posts on facebook, always so positive and happy!

SunshineRose050505 said...

I also love all the rainbows and unicorns and all the pink.