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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hello guys.. Well it's the first stuff I love Saturday!
And this week it's a dark and rainy Saturday.. I've been laying in bed snuggled up under my rainbow, listening to the the rain hit the surfaces and make different notes..

I've always loved the rain.. When I was little I would love to curl up indoors and watch it race down the window pain.. Car drives in the rain were always so much fun.
 And as I don't drive, they still are!

I'm loving this April so far.. This week has been full of April showers.
I kinda love the excitement of shower.. The changing skies!

And when I'm on my bike I feel like the witchy lady from The Wizard of Oz..
Rushing away from the grey mean clouds and chasing the sweet fluffy white ones..

So..This Saturday I'm snuggled up indoors with my boys and my furry friends
Doodling.. Eating snacks..Watching movies and listening to the rain!

What are YOU up to? And what do YOU love this Saturday?? 
I'd love to hear from you guys so please leave a comment..
 Lets make EVERY day a fun day here!!!

1 comment:

Els04 said...

Hi Kittypinkstars, since this week I have my own blog (in Dutch: Friday I was so happy to find your stickers in my mail, so I blogged about it!! Dingen die fijn zijn = lovely things I like.
Have a great weekend!