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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hello guys... 

SO because it's all Springy here and the schools have broken up for Easter
I decided to make this weeks stickers all about the EASTER BUNNY!!

Then you guys can get your hands on them BEFORE Easter Sunday and maybe even use them to decorate your cards!!

All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning these Easter bunny stickers is..

Leave a comment telling me what Easter egg you'd like the Easter bunny to bring YOU!

I'm a crazy Cadburys creme egg lover so this egg would be MY choice!

But what would YOU choose? 

Just leave a happy comment telling the sticker Sunday readers!

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Tell it to the bunnies and bees!
Whatever you can think of

This week I will pick 4 winners on Monday morning 
each winner will receive 11 stickers .. Bunnies and Easter eggs!

Then 4 winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page


Beki said...

creme egg for me too, i had a craving for them whilst pregnant with my eldest (any excuse 'hehe')
Love these happy Easter stickers kitty xx

p.s I will share on my blog later

Helen Clancy said...

Mine would be a Cadburys Mini Egg I LOVE them!!!

Chepcher Jones said...

Oh my, I love Cadburys, Milka, and Lindt! Big gold Lindt bunny with a bell is my fav :)

happy holidays :)

{ bex } said...

HEEYY Kitty.
I think my favourite egg to get for easter would be...

A Thorntons egg.
A Malteaster egg.
Dairy Milk?
with those mini ones with the creaaammmyyy chocolate inside.
Can you imagine if they made the easter egg one of those lindor chocolates?
That. would be scrummy.

I think any chocolate will suit me just fine :3
Happy Easter, & Happy sticker sunday!! :D

<3 <3

Original Art By Clare said...

I think I would have to go for a Malteaster Bunnies and Egg! They are delish.....and a bag of yummy hay for Bramble and Bungee! ♥♥

Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns said...

I am about the same...Cadbury and Lindt. I just bought them both from the store Friday and sadly been munching away at them since....only a few left now LOL


Anonymous said...


i totally love those eggs thingy's from milka (not sure if they got them over there as well)
but it are tiny choco eggs with a chrispy stuffing and they are great :P i eat a lot of them every year


Gill Bav said...

Cadbury's caramel eggs mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. But I must resist and be a good girl !!!!! x

Emilie Proctor said...

I would love it if the Easter Bunny brought me a big Reese's peanut butter egg or just a big bag of Lindt chocolate! <3

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

Any one who knows me, knows my love of Cadbury button's. So of course there is no choice a big giant button egg it has to be.

Gill said...

I love Cadbury's Caramel eggs! Yummy!

Heidi M said...

a yummy post in many ways, i love the stickers too much. I think the egg i would ask the bunny to bring me would be a Lindor one or Cadbury's Button :D will tweet this

Amy Mortimer said...

I have to say I am rather parchal to a cream egg or 3! Haha but my all time fave would have to be Cadbury mini eggs! Yum yum yum! And it's not Easter until you've made some rice crispie nest cakes with mini eggs in! Yummmmm! :p
These stickers are too cute! I love them! :D <3

RoseBree said...

i would have to say i would like a peanut butter egg of any kind i love peanut butter. :)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are..... DRUMROLL...

Original Art By Clare


Heidi M

Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS....You all win Easter bunny stickers!!

Please email your addresses to and I'll send them out to you!

And if you didn't win this week... REMEMBER there's ALWAYS NEXT WEEK!!!! Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

And.. These stickers are on sale in my Etsy shop here..