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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A B C this is ME

    Hey guys!
Saw this A-Z on a friends blog here so thought I'd give it a go..
So here you are an A-Z of me!

A = Available 
Nope!  Totally and utterly taken.... 
I met my soul mate and love of my little life 4 years ago.. MY Jacob!

Together we're heavy! He's EVERYTHING I ever wanted!

B = Best Friend - 

I'm not really the kinda girl that had a BEST friend! But Jacob would have to be mine for sure!
He totally GETS me! He's the jelly to my ice cream!

They say when it's right you know!! And I know!

C = Cake or pie

 Current favourite carrot as I've finally discovered that not all carrot cake contains raisins..PHEW!!!

D = Drink of choice
TEA! I am a crazy tea drinker.. But if I'm having a little tipple.. I vote GUINNESS every time!

E = Essential item you use everyday - My iPhone.. 
Jacob bought it for me 2 years ago and we are inseparable!!

And a pen.... PLEASE??

F = Favorite color
Erm...... PINK!!?? Haha of course!!
My home is pink

My outfits are pink

Although I do adore rainbows too.. Being as I'm the unicorn queen..
 But I love a big dollop of pink in my rainbow!

G = Gummy bears or worms 

Oooh... ANY jelly sweeties please!
Cola bottles are my ULTIMATE favourite.. 

But worms or bears.. Well I'd vote bear as a blast from my childhood!

H = Hometown
Bournemouth.. Dorset  

I = Indulgences 
VINTAGE goodies.. I am a vintage dress addict!! HOLD ME BACK!!!

J = January or February 
It would have to be January for the fresh starts and positivity!

K= Kids and Names
Noah.. I loved the name and how it symbolised CALM!
Having my Noah helped me in so many ways that it fits so perfectly!
and middle name Michael after my gorgeous brother and special man in our lives!

This is one of my favourite pictures EVER.. 
He told me once that when he grew up he wanted to be an Uncle Michael!

 L = Life is incomplete without?
Positivity.. love.. rainbows and pens!!!

M = Marriage date
When I marry my Jacob it will be Spring under a cherry blossom in a yummy vintage dress Maid Marion and Robin hood style!

N = Number of siblings 
1 my bro! He's the rain to my sunshine.. But together we are a rainbow!
AND..Although he is 3 years younger..
He'll always be my BIG Brother because he's clever and FAR MORE sensible!!

O = Oranges or apples  
Apples.. Oranges are for juicing... Any other way and they're just too faffy!!

P = Phobias or Fears 
Lots... I am a scaredy cat.. A hermit.. Scared of people!

But most of all..TERRIFIED of caterpillars!!!

Here's ANOTHER therapy doodle..NO HELP!!

Q = Favorite Quote 
I have so many! I love positive quotes
But this one is one of my favourites..

R = Reason to smile 
My Noah!!  He's the reason I was born... 
He makes me smile and inspires me daily! Love is an understatement!!!

S = Season
Autumn and Spring I LOVE... I adore the changes.. But if I had to pick one.. It would have to be Autumn.. I adore the idea of snuggling up and it's the season that most inspires me creatively!
Hibernation rocks!

U = Unknown fact about me

I have a CRAZY obsession for horror movies... Old..New.. I'll give them all a try!

V = Vegetable you don't like
I LOVE veg! Good job really because my Dad has two allotments and grows so much!
But the one I'm not keen on is celeriac!

Just don't really get it!? It's kinda odd to me!

W = Worst habit I bite my nails like a masochist 
But I REALLY need to stop.. 
I managed for a few months last year and then stupidly started again... I WILL get back to growing them!

X = X-rays
Eeek none yet! Touches wood and crosses fingers!

BUT... I wish I had some X-Ray specs! Then I could live out my nosiness!!

Y = Your favorite food
 Pancakes...I ADORE them!

Z = Zodiac Sign LEO! 

Well hope that didn't send you to sleep... How about YOUR A-Z?
I'd love to hear more about YOU???


Sneddonia said...

Yay cola bottles! Boo January though, it's so cold and dark :( Pink is my second favourite colour ;) So that's what celeriac looks like, ew! Is it celery root? I think I need to do an ugly bug drawing too. Although just looking at a picture of a wasp makes me slightly panicky! Love all the leaves in the autumn shoes pic ^_^

Nix said...

I fleepin' love your version with the visuals! Darnit. I actually might go back and do this to day. Aw I love that picture of your brother and Noah, so cute! x N x

Julia Star said...

What a great post! I love your blog! I hope someday to have one that is just as rad! your constant imagery and doodles and wonderfulness are so inspiring and happy! Keep doing what you do!