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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The week in review

Sunny funny Spring week... Creating ... Giveaways.. Stickers.. Sunshine..Walks..New fabrics.. Yummy dress.. Dressing as a lamb.. doodling... Oh and a scary allergic reaction to antibiotics.. Oh well we take the not so good along with the good huh??

So it started off REALLY productive.. With the comeback of my lil girls..

I am thinking of tweaking the design of these a little bit but I do really love these little girls..

I will be making more chick girls and them some kitties and unicorns!

AND I found some AMAZING new fabric for hoops..
This vintage rainbow fabric was a really good find..It's fantastic and I can't wait to use it!
The candy stripe is super summery too!

Tuesday was the launch of my Spring GIVEAWAY!

I had lots of entries.. So many happy sunny people wanted to win my funny little prizes..

I LOVE that... I like to see like minded people who smile at my creations..

Yes my Etsy is my job but it's SO MUCH MORE than just a job.. I don't run a production line!
Every little thing I create is from my imagination and heart.. It's full of my personality...dreams and positivity.. It's supposed to make you smile! If it does that then I'm doing my job right!

Thursday was self portrait day.. and because the weather was so nice and it was the start of Spring there was nothing else for it! It was time to don my lamb costume and head out in the sunshine!!

Haha life is WAY to short not to be SILLY!!!!!

Or buy yummy vintage dresses when you see them haha..
Check out this amazing dress.. Mine ALL mine!


The fabric is AMAZING and it just SCREAMS Spring...

It was all going too well.... UNTIL...Saturday morning I woke to a fright!
My face was swollen up like CRAZY!! A mad reaction to the antibiotics I'd just been given..
It looked a lot like this..

Thankfully after a few hours it seemed to get better and I started to see the funny side a little!
Inspiration comes from the good AND the bad huh?

Then once the drama had calmed down a little.. We went for a lovely sunny walk by the water!

It was such a lovely day..Seemed a shame to waste it!!

Sunday..Was the result of the Spring competition on my blog..

Time to print the names and get picking..

And here were the winners.. I LOVE giveaways..So much fun!

Remember I give away a raffle ticket with EVERY item bought from my Etsy shop
And hold MONTHLY raffles.. As well as sticker Sunday on my blog EVERY Sunday where you have the chance to win some of my specially designed stickers!

Oh and Sunday evening was always made for curling up on the sofa!

But this week we heard the ice cream van and had ICE CREAM!!!!

So I'll leave the week here with my beautiful boy..Wilbur! 

WOW..What a life eih!?

Thanks for stopping by guys.... Have an awesome week!

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