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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Week in review

Sunshine..Funshine.. New plushy friends.. Vintage awesomeness.. Creating.. Crafting...Walter.. Wilbur..Rainbows..Cake and all topped off with an amazing Mothers day!! 

WOW! What a week!

The perfect Springy Monday..Sat in my cosy front room with the patio door open
watching Death wish 5...drawing custom doodles and making puffs and happy kits

And of course hanging out with my Wilbur!

Then.. A visit to Noah's school to meet the teacher with 5 star reviews!
Woop! He's doing so well and is a VERY clever boy! Haha no idea WHERE he gets it from but I'm one VERY proud Mum!

Received a parcel from the AMAZING PinkSprinklesPlush

Look.. Its a special custom monster for Noah's Birthday!! But shhh! Don't say anything!

It really is an AMAZING shop! If you LOVE monsters..You HAVE to go see!

Look.... Courtney is SO SWEET!

She even made a super special monster for ME!!!

In memory of sweet Ethel and stuffed full of rainbows... Meet Arcoiris!

He's gonna fit in here just perfectly.... I LOVE him so!

Haha I LOVE a good goofy monster photo shoot!!!

Hey even Walter got some mail!
My friend Terri made him an amazing sign for his tank!

Hahaha! He LOVES it!

Then it was time to make something for MY Mum for Mothers day..
SO... I made a special personalised hoop featuring the two of us

And gave it to her along with a handmade card and McGee! A super cute sock creature from the amazing Beula Designs

I had some AMAZING presents from MY little man..

And BEST OF ALL!!!!!! This amazing doodle!!!

Breakfast in bed and a lovely trip to the park... 

I took my new friend Big O!

We even had ice creams!

This is THE CUTEST picture of us... And totally sums up how close we are! 
I love that boy SO MUCH!!!

The single greatest thing I have EVER done in my life is become Noah's Mum!

He makes me happy and proud daily!

And I had a truly magical mothers day!!

We went to see the wish tree and sadly it had lost almost all of the wishes..
But never fear.. We will be starting again now that the new season is here!

So what else happened last week?


And rainbows...

Camouflage! I love how my home and dress style match!!!

Oh and then there was Walter! Hahaha he says HI!!!!

Thanks for stopping by..I hope you had a lovely week..
 Did you get up to anything exciting?
 I'd love to hear about it!

And here's to a fun NEW week! 

1 comment:

Rhaeii said...

I love the picture of you and Noah enjoying ice cream... You should frame that! The little monsters are so cute, I might just have to get one... After all, everyone needs a li'l monster pal, right??

My exciting thing this week is that I became obsessed with these flowers called a Bleeding Heart. Today, I'm going to plant one, I hope it grows!