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Thursday, 15 March 2012

The week in review

Kinda funny week... There were plenty of rainbows and LOADS of creativity but a little stress and sadness too.. Finishing up with sickness... BOO! But I had crazy creative sick dreams.. SO every cloud has a silver lining huh?

I had a visit from a rainbow...

And a super productive week..

Lots of puffs made.. And NOW they all come with their own hand drawn sticker!

Also..The new bags for my Happy Kits arrived!
SO... If you order a happy kit now, it will come in these big stripy bags..
And stickers will come in the little polka dot ones..

Here are some Spring Me Happy Kits..

Also it was International Women's Day...

Which famous woman inspires YOU!??

For me it has to be Keri Smith..

For her outlook.. Her ideas.. The way she see's magic in the little things
Her books never cease to excite and inspire me!
And her Wreck this journal helped me to control a lot of my crazy irrational behaviour through creativity! And through this.. Changed my life! ♥

Oooh and talking about inspirational women.. I had more Heidi mail!
From my awesome friend Heidi of LittleNore

Then there was a LOT of Walter silliness..

Oh MAN! I love this little guy! He is SO funny!!!

Well then I went and got an nasty tummy bug and was really sick.. But!
Sickness dreams mean I imagine things like this..

haha COOL huh? I had a crazy dream about this funny little guy!

And on Sunday I was feeling a little better
 so went out to get some fresh air in the woods with my boys..

I love it here... The change of season made it feel really busy.. I think these pictures captured the feeling really well!

And then I found a secret spot to start a little quiet secret wishing tree just for me and my friends!

Because when you feel a little disillusioned NEVER give up!
Just start a new adventure!!

Thanks so much for stopping by... Big love and rainbows! 

1 comment:

coffeemunkii said...

I shall now make my attempt at blog commenting-ness! :D I love your idea of the wishing tree, I may need to find one of my own! I like this post because you always see the bright side of things....even the stomach flu! You're an inspiration. *fluffyhugs*