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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The week in review

HAPPINESS WEEK.... Starting new things and focusing on the positives even more than usual! Getting productive and simply having FUN!!!

Monday was time to start the week slowly by chilling out..

Haha some days are just sitting on a bench with a friend days!

And the only way to top that off.. Is with a good book!

I recently discovered The Happiness Project!

First I thought it wouldn't be for me.. I mean I'm pretty happy huh? People always comment how I brighten their days a  little! But on flicking through the pages I realised that I'm not always making the most of my happy! Sometimes I take things for granted.. And I don't want to wait until something goes horribly wrong before I jump in and make a change!

I want to appreciate EVERY moment.. Live it AND love it!

I thoroughly recommend this book and that YOU start YOUR happiness project!
After all you can't have too much happy surely!?

One of the things in my life that REALLY makes me happy is living my little dream job!
I adore working from home on my art..And this week was a very productive one..

All puffs now come with FREE hand drawn stickers..

And I made two more embroidery hoops...

Spring lamb 

And sweet piggy..

Both are available in my Etsy shop now!

ALSO.... The MARCH happy kits are HERE

Spring me happy!

Positivity in a paper bag! A little bag of sunshine to make your March a little brighter!

My week was made a lot brighter when i got more sweet Ethel mail...
 This time from the lovely Telah at Heart Felt Design

I have SO many lovely friends and have received so many sweet Ethel pressies!
It has REALLY helped me through..

Haha so has Walter... Look at that little fluffy cloud..

I SO wish this was in focus! Hahahaha LOVE that boy!

AND I love THIS boy!

I know I'm biased but Harry Potter has NEVER looked so cute!
Noah's school was turned into Hogwarts for World Book Day!

And all that was left was a trip to the wish tree on Sunday

Some of my friends have had really tough times this week... I wish I could cast a magic spell to make them smile but I am trying to be positive and doing all I can!

The weather was crazy and spooky

So I drew some magical rainbow clouds..

It's the new banner for my Facebook page..

If you haven't been over please come and say hi!!!

Thanks for reading about MY week! I'd LOVE to hear about YOURS!!

Love and rainbows!


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