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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunshine in the mail!

Hey guys.. Just a little extra post today because I have had a lovely week full of happy fans.. 
sweet mail and lovely comments!

And.. Wonderful appreciation photos..

Look at these photos from a sticker Sunday winner..

Thanks Chepcher! These pics are awesome! So happy you're happy!

And these from Jenny

I love sticker Sunday so much! 
It's so lovely to hang out and hear other peoples opinions on the weekly chit chat!

And it costs NOTHING! just 5 minutes of your time to pop by and say hello on a Sunday!
And you could be a winner and receive a little envelope of happy through your letterbox..

I have had some really sweet messages about my mail..

"I do so enjoy the weekly Sticker Sundays, I always feel like I'm at a slumber party in fuzzy pajamas and if I didn't win it isn't very expensive to order my own... I love knowing I have something fun coming, I feel like my mailbox is like a little portal into Kitty's world! Thank you so much :) ♥"

 "Mail from You makes even my postman happy!" ♥

" I wish all mail was like that..So cheery!" 

"Yay! I love these sweet kinds of messages! I do the weekly sticker Sunday giveaway to meet like minded people and to show everyone that it doesn't take much to spread some SUNSHINE!!"

This is why they make the postman smile..

Even the envelopes are fun!

I LOVE snail mail.. And this is the reason I stand at the post office for hours..  
Because I never want my parcels to look dull.. 

So ALL parcels from me come with a cute kitty designed postage sticker!

And sometimes... I get super cute mail too...

To say THANK YOU!!!

From Els and Jane

From Becky

From Amy and Els

The sweet message in Els card.. I LOVE how she decorates my mail with my stickers!

Thank you SO much guys!!!

HOW SWEET!?? I'm only doing my job! 
But I'm so happy that people love the little extra touches I like to add..
And that people enjoy my fun weekly giveaways so much!

I got this super cute journal in the mail from a sweet sticker Sunday regular...

How awesome!!?? Thank you Rhaeii.. It's adorable and so thoughtful!

And then there are awesome pics from Kitty sticker collectors...

Amanda ordered pretty much the lot of them haha!


Hahahaha!! AMAZING HUH!!!??

This Sunday I'm planning bunny stickers in time for Easter!

What stickers would YOU like to see?? Any ideas? I'll give any fun doodle a go!

And remember...

Maybe you could cheer up YOUR mail and make the world a brighter place!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!!

And don't forget to come back on Sunday for STICKER SUNDAY!!

1 comment:

Rhaeii said...

I'm so glad the journal made you happy! I picked pink and orange for you and Ethel, and the rainbows and clouds because I wanted it to be a journal with some of your favorite things!

As for what I'd like to see? Hm, I think... Contradictions! Rainbows and Thunderclouds, monsters and unicorns, the stars and the sunshine! :)