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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Illustration friday YIELD


Produce or provide.. Harvest.. Cultivate

Kitty felt lonely for home sometimes.. But the magic seeds meant she could yield her own little world in a magic pot! NOW if only she could make it bigger or herself smaller... Then EVERYTHING would be PERFECT!!!

This is how I feel sometimes.. I need those magic seeds and pot!

Thanks for looking! 


Cindy D. said...

Aww! A little bowl of rainbows and purple mountains majesty. Don't give up just yet. If that thing grows, it's gonna need a bigger pot and eventually a yard and then who knows?

Rhaeii said...

Are you familiar with vintage Polly Pockets? They came in these small cases that open up and there was an entire world in them so you could play with tiny Polly and her friends. Then when you were done, you closed it up and it fit in your pocket! I used to have a few when I was a kid (they got stolen, sadly) but this picture made me think of how a small world can be the perfect way to carry the magic with you!

Creations By Mit said...

I wish I had magic seeds like that! Really cute illustration!