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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Illustration Friday INTENTION


An aim that guides action; an objective.

This was a tricky one... But all I could think of was how life is like a game of chess.. We are all tiny pieces in a giant game... With a determination to act in a certain way or to do a certain thing with purpose and design!

I hope this makes sense? Well it sure was fun to draw!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lost Star said...

Hehe. That is so cute! I love the little kitty chess piece!

Cindy D. said...

Haha, it's her mini-me! Adorable. I do see the chess board, and that she is holding the queen piece and is dressed like the queen (or vice versa), but I'm afraid I am a bit dense on the meaning (aside from being super cute!) I will check back to see if quicker folks have figured out your intention. ;)

Taylored Curiosities said...

I think the point is that life is like a game of chess, full of intended moves. It's a really awesome illustration Kitty :D

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Thanks! It was a tricky one for me... Glad you got it!!

Rhaeii said...

I really like this, Kitty! For some reason when I saw it I thought it would make a perfect design for the front of a journal.

I've watched people play chess, how each movement is intended to help them reach that goal. I like how both styles of you have the crown, which reminded me of the wall photo you posted that said, "You have the choice to create the life your heart is yearning to live" and that smile made me think about how sometimes it really is all about attitude.

Very pretty, very fun, very creative use of the prompt :)

Creations By Mit said...

It LOOKS like it was fun to draw! love the mini! Really cute!

Els04 said...

Love this!