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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The week in review

WOW! What a week..... DATE DAY Monday was truly AMAZING and well needed! Loads of crafting.. Walter cuddles.. PANCAKE DAY!! New designs and ideas.. The beach and the woods! Happy? YES I AM!

First was Mondays super special date day with my Jacob!

So much fun.. The whole day to just hang out together.. SO..
We started with tea and cake..

Jumped on a train..

And we went to the seaside..

I love it at the beach..

And had silly fun..

I took photos of my favourite beach huts..

And we had fun on the prom and in the amusements..

Be a tourist in your own town... It's SO MUCH FUN!!!

Then Jacob took me for lunch to a yummy dim sum place!

WOW! It was GORGEOUS!!!!!!

I had an amazing spicy soup... tasty little tempura prawns
but my favourite of all was the little custard bun AND the mango pudding!

A truly wonderful day!
I would thoroughly recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE just takes a little time out with someone they love... Partner.. Child.. Parent..Pet! Just take some time..Kick back..Relax and HAVE FUN!!! 

Tuesday was one of my favourite days of the year..... PANCAKE DAY!

You'll have to make do with this picture because I LOVE them so much that I ate my pancakes before I could even grab my camera.. So instead all I got was a picture of the lemons!

I hope you guys all had a lovely pancake day! How do you like yours?
Mine? I like them plain with just sugar and lemon... Drools!

Hmm... What else have I been up to?
Well I got my FREE postcards and magnets from Vistaprint..

So.. everyone that shops at my shop will get a FREE postcard and the next 10 people to spend £10 or more in my Etsy shop will get a magnet in their parcel!

Speaking of the shop.. I caught up on some custom orders..

and created the first of a new line of jumbo hoops
based on my original drawings..

The first one was my rainbow unicorn hoop...Featuring Dobbin!

I REALLY enjoyed doing this.. And have SO MANY ideas.. And LOTS of awesome fabrics!
So watch this space!

Inspired by Dobbin's awesomeness I doodled these stickers for sticker Sunday

They come in THESE envelopes..

You can grab your stickers HERE

And then to end the week perfectly we had a walk in the woods..

Sitting in the woods on a springy Sunday!

WOW! What a wonderful dreamy week!

What made YOU smile last week??

And are you looking forward to anything exciting!

I'll leave you with me and my new happy vintage dress..

Thanks for stopping by.. Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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