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Friday, 24 February 2012

The week in review

VALENTINES WEEK!!! Full of love love love! But it was also half term so lots of FUN...Cycling and hanging with my Noah... Walks on the beach and walks in the woods.. And WALTER!!!!

Well... As it was Valentines and this year we are cutting back! I decided to make my lovely Valentine Jacob handmade Valentines..

So I made this embroidery hoop..

And the perfect card... Haha

Noah and I celebrated with strawberry doughnuts for lunch..

And when my Jacob came home he brought me Cava and red roses..

Then my littlest gorgeous guy woke up..

And I gave him a Valentines...

And he was HAPPY!

Happy Valentines Walter! I LOVE YOU!!

Also as it was half term we had some lovely days out...

We went to the beach..

And for a wander in the woods..

I had a grotty head..So my self portrait looked a little like THIS...

BUT got YUMMY Melon goodies for my room..

And that made me feel A LOT better!!

I also started my mini Ethel embroidery hoops..

For SALE NOW... In my Etsy shop!

Apart from that I met a lamb friend whilst watching the sheep and lambs in a nearby field..

And then I guess you could say it was all about Walter.. haha

He's fitting RIGHT IN! He's VERY different from my Ethel! 
But I like how they each have their own personalities!
And Walter is VERY funny!

Anyway..Sorry this is mega late and I promise to get back on track and get organised next week!

Love and rainbows ...Kitty xxx

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