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Friday, 17 February 2012

The week in review

Well this week was all about KEEPING WARM! The boiler was condemned after being switched off on Monday for being unsafe.. SO..It was all about wooly socks and jumpers..Hot chocolate..Crafting..Bunny slippers..Walter..Getting the heat back .. Pressies from friends..Taking photos and hanging with my family in the park!

When it gets cold..... Bunny slippers and hot choccy are a necessity around here..

Oh and mittens of course...

Anyway... It got all sorted and we managed to snuggle up and keep warm..
New boiler and super toasty radiators!!


Hmm.. What else happened this week?

Well I got more super cute Ethel mail.. From my friend Yvonne of Socksy Beasts

Isn't this amazing???? Just like my Ethel!

Oh and look who else got some fan mail...

WALTER!! He got some bunting for his tank and a welcome pressie from Clare of BeeKneeHoonies

He was SO excited he did a little dance..

before blatantly ignoring instructions and trying to eat it..

Oh Walter! Watch out... Think about your tummy!

Well he was VERY interested in his bunting..Thank you Clare. 
And then to add to his excitement his new toy bus arrived..

Off to school Walt?

Oooh yes..Noah had World War 2 day at school.. They all had to go as evacuees!

So here's MY little evacuee..

Didn't he look cool!?? Haha VERY smart!

Friday was the end of half term... RELAX..A week off!
So we started with a walk in the park on Saturday.

It was a beautiful sunny but frosty day.. Perfect for taking photographs!
And I LOVE taking photographs SO MUCH!!!

So that just left my regular Sunday sticker giveaway!
I love holding these giveaways... It doesn't cost a lot to make up a few stickers and envelopes but people seem to REALLY enjoy taking part and trying to grab a little bit of Kitty Sunshine Mail 
so thank you to each and every person that enters!

Last Sunday it was LOVE BUGS....


and puffs..

Well done to all the winners..

These guys are still available for February only in my Etsy shop HERE

So you know where to head if you fancy treating yourself..

After all LOVE isn't just for Valentines..It's FOREVER!!

Well that's about it..My week wrapped up neatly! Sorry these reviews are always SO LATE!

My next goal is to get organised.. What's yours? 

Stay cosy and have a happy new week guys!


Treehugger_31 said...

I got your lovely little package in the mail yesterday. :) I just couldn't stop smiling when I saw that adorable puff! How can such a small creature have sooo much personality? The stickers were super cute as well. Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway prize! Lots of love!

Rhaeii said...

Yum, hot chocolate! I recently discovered the fun of giant campfire marshmallows, they're made for roasting over a fire but I like to dunk them into my hot chocolate, haha.

My goal this week is to make a better effort to learn how to watercolor... I keep giving up because every time I try it, the watercolors get all runny and it looks like my picture was left in the rain.