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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The week in review

This week felt like a magical spiritual one.... Taking time.. Thinking of Ethel.. Getting back to me..  Memories.. Ethel mugs.. Ethel mail from wonderful friends.. Sunshine..Magical skies.. Watching the sea.. Moving on but carrying Ethel with me in my heart ALWAYS!

And then... When I thought it wasn't the time.. I met him.... WALTER!

After I said goodbye to Ethel.. The skies seemed different..
More magical I think!
I know she's all around me in the air!

And to help me at the most difficult times.. I have the sweetest friends!

Look at these gorgeous hand drawn cards for me....

From Helen

From Heidi

And from Amanda

And a sweet message on a beautiful postcard from Lindsay

It really means a lot to have such precious friends..especially when things get a little tough.

I did a lot this week to help me..

Planted my Ethel rose
It's nice to have something to talk to.. I can't wait for it to flower..

And bought some Ethel mugs... The perfect way to remember her..
When I'm relaxing with a hot cuppa!

The skies have been more beautiful since she left..

And THEN when I saw the brightest DOUBLE rainbow I've EVER seen in my life..
I knew she was smiling at me!

And it all felt okay!

After all.. She'll ALWAYS be the orange in my rainbow!

Saturday was a lovely sitting on the beach day..

And on Sunday..... It was the great hamster hunt!
I miss Ethel so so much.. But the giant empty tank breaks my heart.
So..... I decided to see if I could find MY WALTER!

And I did... He's making me smile and keeping me busy while I bring him up!

Have a lovely week guys!

And thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

What a lovely post, <3 all the Ethel bits, what funky mugs! And yay for her reminding you the orange in your rainbow is still there is such a gorgeous rainbow way.

I can't wait to see Mr Walter as he grows up - what a lucky hammy he is to have found such a wonderful home.

Rhaeii said...

Aw it's so good to see that you're feeling better, Kitty! You give so much happiness and it's good to see you getting some back!

What a beautiful orange sky... and the wonderful rainbow smile from Ethel, letting you know she's watching.

~ Rhaeii