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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Treasury Thursday

Hey guys... Sorry it's all a little late this week
BUT! I have been crazy busy and catching up with all my orders.. 
And I'm happy to say.. I'm almost completely caught up!

Anyway the other little time waster is my new friend Walter!

He's a soft fluffy nougaty cloud!

So with this little guy in mind..
I dedicated this weeks treasury to him..To welcome him to my world!

Love is a fluffy cloud

And his name is Walter...

This is dedicated to my new nougaty cloud baby boy..

Fluffy and dreamy and full of excitement!

Walter the hamster!

With a little hidden heart to represent our LOVE!

To see any of the goodies up close..
Just click HERE

Thanks for looking! And Walter says hi!!

1 comment:

Rhaeii said...

Hello, Walter! It is very nice to meet you! :D

I am so very happy to see this treasury, clouds are such wonderful fluffy things. It's fun to and watch them float by.

~ Rhaeii