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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys... Happy Sunny Sticker Sunday!

Here we are again... Time for the regular Sunday GIVEAWAY!

This weeks stickers are really fun! And inspired by my trusty unicorn sidekick Dobbin..

Who this week starred on my newest embroidery art hoop..

I am so pleased with this one... It's the first in a collection of hoops I am making based on my doodles!

It's for sale NOW in my Etsy shop.. HERE!

And will come with FREE Dobbin stickers..

And here they are... This weeks GIVEAWAY prize..

All you have to do to be in for a chance to win these is...

Tell me what your magical sidekick would be?

Or course Dobbin is mine..
Here we are hanging out..

It's only fitting that the unicorn queen would have a magical unicorn sidekick after all!

So... Tell me yours.. And be as crazy as you wanna... We're all a lil crazy here!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Draw it on the sidewalk in rainbow chalk!
Whatever you can think of

Then 4 winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page

Thanks for stopping by..

Have a magical Sunday and thanks for coming by! 


Cynthia said...

Hmmm. Sidekick, sidekick... I need a sidekick. How about a lovely fennec fox named Lucian with whom I am able to communicate and receive help from in a pinch!


My sidekick would be my orphan lamb - he's called hotbox baby! (as he spent two weeks living in a hot box) He can be seen galloping around my farm and keeping all the farm animals safe!

amy mason said...

My sidekick is my dog jeffery! He's by no means magical and he's a little stinky but he sure as hell knows how to put a smile on my face :)

Rhaeii said...

My sidekick is a sugar glider that I call my Li'l Cloud! Her belly is white and her fur is grey, so when she runs around inside her cage she really is like a magical little cloud :)

Anonymous said...

hm... i want to enter but i don't really know how my sidekick would look and what it's name is but i'm sure it would be an animal :)

Chepcher Jones said...

My Teddy Bear! SnowyTeddy :) He is my sidekick! Although he sometimes prefers food instead of being one... but well, I love him ;)

jO Scott said...

My magical sidekick is a pink kiwi named Andrew :D

Amanda said...

I think my sidekick would have to be a fairy. I think they are just amazing and so pretty, plus they can fly! :)

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

I would have 2 sidekicks which is what i have in real life, they allow me to live a relatively normal life and are there on hand if i wobble.( which happens alot) The first is My Dog Codie banks, or puppy the wonderdog as i call him and the second is a soft toy beaver called Dave, dave is a rock beaver as he has had a piercing every time i've had one, he who looks after me when i'm ill or scared, in return i take him everywhere. I couldn't live without my side kicks.

SunshineRose said...

My sidekick would have to be a pink and red flying squirrel ! :)

Helen Clancy said...

My sidekick would be the cuddly pink pig I got on the day I found out I was being made redundant! After I found out I was just walking around town in a daze trying to figure out how I was going to break the news to my boyfriend, David and then I saw "Arnold" (as I have named him) all by himself on the reduced to clear shelf and he really cheered me up! He has been by my side ever since helping me to find a new job xx :0)

MandeeFranee said...

My sidekick... a rambunctious little platypus named Persnickity! Sometimes he's a little self conscious about his multi-colored glittery fur, being a boy and all, but he tries not to let it get to him. ;)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are..... DRUMROLL...






Please email your addresses to and I'll send them out to you!

And if you didn't win this week... REMEMBER there's ALWAYS NEXT WEEK!!!! Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

And.. These stickers are on sale in my Etsy shop here..

Rhaeii said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

This is so fun to be part of, I always feel like I'm at a slumber party in fuzzy pajamas whilst sharing and listening to people's responses! So fun, thank you Kitty!