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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sticker and snowball Sunday

Wow! Is it really that time of the week AGAIN??


This weeks stickers...

WALTER! To welcome him properly!

You see I drew his first doodle this week..It's one of the fun bits of being a Kitty ham!

So I decided this weeks stickers should be dedicated to the lil guy..

But that's not all..

You see due to the crazy weather hitting the UK this week.. And lots of people having snow!

Sadly though not me.... I want some SNOW!! But I live down South and we very rarely have any awesome snow.. In fact the biggest snowfall we had was 1978, I was about 3 and we couldn't get out of the back door.. Since then on the rare occasion I have scraped a tiny bit of snow together to make a tiny snowman or snowcat..

Or snowball friends!

Here's the evidence..

MY favourite weather is... Frosty with sunshine!
But if we ever get snow I get SO EXCITED!!!!

Anyway.. Enough of this chitter chatter.. Here's what I'm getting at..
The second part of this weeks giveaway!

The SNOWBALL part!

Fed up of waiting for enough snow to make a snowball... 
I decided to make my own.. Puff snowballs..

PERFECT for an indoor snowball fight!
In fact I had one with Jacob this morning and it was LOTS of fun!

So.. This week You will win 10 Walter stickers 
AND a tiny snowball puff!

All you have to do is tell me YOUR favourite weather!
And say hello to Walter!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Stick it on a snowball and throw it at someone!
Whatever you can think of

Then 6 winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page




Claudieboo said...

Hello Walter!!!!

My favourite weather is... erm Snow but I also love warm spring mornings too ♥

Cute stickers and snowballs! How exciting ♥

off to share!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Sticker Sunday!! Not having a good one up here in Scotland, its so cold and and I'm choked full of the cold, so I guess I'd really like some nice warm sunny weather at the moment!

My favourite weather though... is thunder storms on a really hot summer day they type you can smell in the air and leaves everything feeling a bit more refreshed!

Lisa x

Candy Boulevard said...

My favourite weather is definitely snow! Altho we have not had any so far this winter and has made me sad! lol I love Walter's stickers, he is soooo cute! Give him a fairy kiss from me! :D I will share this on my page too! :) Love the wee snowball btw, so teeny and cute! :) <3

Original Art By Clare said...

I do like the snow, but I hate it when it gets all messed up!

My favourite weather has got to be sunshine....being outside with my bunnies, on the beach or in our campervan ♥

Off to share xx

Rachel's Love Candles said...

My favourit weather is definatly snow. I just love it. I love walking through it as it's falling, I love walking in it where no-one has walked and I just love dressing all snuggly and feeing the cold on my face :o)

Hannah said...

Well hello Walter and very nice to meet you. I have ALWAYS loved winter and the snow. Being cwtched up in front of a fire while people are outside freezing.... lovely =D

Maximonstertje said...

Mmm, I love snow! And sunshine too! But I think the kind of weather I love most is something that never occurs in the Netherlands, monsoon rain!!! I love how the air is all warm and brooding and then suddenly it just starts pouring down on you and everyone starts to run for cover, it's so much fun! :D
Walter is such a cutie and I looove your snowball puffs! <3 Hugs!

little bobbins said...

I love heavy rain, when I'm inside under a blanket with my dogs and some knitting but being able to see it all out of the window :)

I hope little Walter is settling in well :D

Chepcher Jones said...

I love snestorm.
On Bornholm this is how people call a snow storm. The different is that snow and wind comes from the sea. And in fact everything is like in a snow globe! Beautiful, but also milky. It is so quiet when the snow is dancing in fact up side down, and not coming from the sky but horizontal. There is strange "no fear" feeling in the air. Like someone whispering, that everything will be all right!
There is so much peace, and in fact all what You can do is stay at home and watch when the snow stucks to the doors and windows... and it is like someone covers You with a big blanket and hugs. When the snestorm comes nothing else is important except having a bed and someone to hug and a book and a big cup with tea...
I love this peace feeling.
And this huge amount of snow - of course - in which I can jump, when the Sun comes out and wind is lighter! :)

CourtneyMarieT said...

Hello Walter! I've enjoyed your pictures this week!

My favorite weather is a crisp, cool fall day where the sun is shining and the leaves have just started turning colors. :)

purplebridget8888 said...

My favourite weather is a bright sunny but cold frosty morning! I also love the snow and we had quite a bit's such fun watching my cat running through it!
Walter is sooo cute and he will help heal the pain of losing Ethel ♥ xx

Heidi M said...

My favourite weather is when the sun is out smiling but its cold so you need to wrap up and get snuggly in your winter coat and mittens, i love to see the frost ( but not ice ) on the grass and the sun twinkling through trees or reflecting on the sea.
Love to sweet boy walter. I LOVE !!!! the stickers and i LOVE the snowball puff i need them NEED then :D xxx

Emma Hewlett said...

Hi Walter,

My favourite weather is when it's all frosty. I can wear my scarf and mittens and feel nice and snuggly. Also, being a farmer the frost makes the ground really solid and so I dont get muddy all the time!
Frost creates so much beauty too........ frosty cobwebs glistening in the light - just beautiful.

Love the stickers and snow puff! Still no snow in Devon/Cornwall!

Allison Perch said...

My favourite weather is the warm sunshine in the summer, so I can spend time at the shore with my kiddos.

Rhaeii said...

Welcome cute li'l Walter!

My favorite weather is the kind that comes with the fall... Cold and rainy and yet it just feels so cozy and magical! Right now where I am we have cold winds one day and the next day everyone is wearing shorts... We have a saying, "If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it'll change."

~ Rhaeii
(I finally got a Blogger account! I'm still figuring out how to use it though haha)

Natalie-jade 'thoopie' mitchell said...

Hey Walter and Kitty!
My fav weather is just before the trees drop their leaves, when everything is differnt colours and the cold is upon us, its damp and drizzley but the colors bring happyness to it all :) Love the snowpuff and the stickers and love the cute cute pictures of walter!! <3 Thoops x

{ bex } said...

My favourite weather is probably autumn :D
All the leaves are different colours and everything looks so pretty(: <3
Love the stickers and Walter :3


Kayleigh Pearce said...

Hi Kitty

Walters so precious!

My favourite weather has to be thunderstorms when you're all snuggley inside watching from the window :)

I also love it when it's summer and you get a little bit of rain for rainbows and the smell afterwards!


Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns said...

Hi-ya Walter!! Welcome to the wackiness ;P
I love fall. My fav holiday, Halloween (same day as my anni.)makes it more so my fav season.
XOXO Misty :)

Helen Clancy said...

Hi Walter you little cutie pie! hope you have settled in a bit more and are not quite so shy, hope you are now, enjoying cuddles with Kitty!

My favourite weather has to be snow when its just fallen,I love being the first to walk on fresh crispy snow, I love the crunchy sound it makes.

Kitty your Walter stickers and snowball puff are adorable!! all my hammys have got their paws crossed that I win because they each want a sticker for their cages xx :0)

Amanda said...

I love when the sun in shining bright in the sky with not a cloud in sight! When the weather is warm, not too hot or too cold. I also love the days that are kinda windy, those are the days I can open my window and enjoy feeling the breeze. :)

Treehugger_31 said...

Hello fuzzy Walter! :)

My favorite weather is warm and sunny with a light breeze! 75 degrees is perfection! :)

Susan Brown said...

Hey Sweet Little Walter!!!
I Love snow and the cold..We havent had much in PA this Winter so far though.. :o( I also love Spring when everything is new and starting to bloom!
Gonna go share!

Anonymous said...

heyy walter :D having fun in your new home ?

i love all the weather but i really love it when it snows <3 <3 you can make nice things out of snow and you can make beautiful pictures <3 :D


Anonymous said...

Walter is a sweet addition to your adorable little family! And oh my gosh your snowballs are so amaziningly adorable...!! I miss the snow - I was born and raised in New Jersey and then parentals decided to move to Florida. Now in Cajun country we bearly see any. but never enough to make a snowball.. Love your just keep a smile on my face w/every sticker you make and every little puff you make..

I have been out of the loop lately but back here now.!!! would love to make both Walter and frosty snowball a part of my awesome craft area!!! ;)

Oh fav season/weather is spring.. when all the baby wood animals start running about the yard and coming for a little bit to eat, the birds sing and wake me up, the lush green grass is back, and warm weather for the kiddies and myself to enjoy outdoors more!!

Sue S. aka Sunlite705

Debbie Birtwell said...

Hi Walter hope your settling in ok your getting cuter by the day :-)
I love a cold crisp frosty morning also i love to got to the zoo and see the animals playing in the cold and snuggling and coming home to hot buttered crumpets and steaming hot foamy lattes,
I dont really think there is any weather that i really hate when it rains you look forward to the rainbows and with the sun the heat.

lilipopo said...

My favourite weather is absolutely SNOW!! When I was little there was loads of snow in North Yorkshire and we got days and days of school to make all sorts of amazing snow creatures but now I live in Cornwall and we don't do snow down here so I sit looking enviously at all those snowed in peoples in the rest of the country But it's ok because my next favourite weather is sunshine by the sea and we do get some of that!
Kate x

Sarah said...

*waves* Hellooooo

I love a nice crisp frosty morning, when you can hear your footsteps crunching on the grass, and the dew drops can look so beautiful :).

Huge hamster hugs to Walter <3


Bree said...

Hi Walter you are very handsome u are sooo loved i bet u love u new loving home <3. My favorite weather is SNOW i also like the way it covers the trees but i dont like the cold that comes with it lol !! Also love having snowball fights with my little brother and making snow angels.

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

I love snow, Being out in it and sitting inside watching it with a big cup of tea. I also love rain in the summer so u can sit with the window open and watch the rain and smell that lovely smell after it rains.
To the lovely walter Hello!!!

Mercedes said...

I love Winter, from the blankets to admiring the snow...Except when it turns to annoying mush! :/

Anonymous said...

Hello Walter <3 Welcome!!

Hmmm... I adore every seaon for one reason or another! I love that I live where I can experience all four seasons each year. But I would have to say that I favor Autumn!! All the beautiful colors!! The crisp air blowing! Taking walks with my sons and collecting orange,red and yellow leaves to decorate with!! Yes!!! Definitely Autumn! With winter as a close second! Between sledding and snowmen, and the impromptu snowball fight with my boys. Oh and running barefoot through the fight snowfall of the season while catching snowflakes on your tounge!! Those are all amazing reasons! ... I'm actually thinking autumn and winter are a close TIE!!

<3 xxxx

MissaSunshine said...

Not sure why my comment came through as anonymous? Hmm.. But hopefully is works this time :)

Deborah Cardinal said...

Well, my favourite weather is also frost and sunshine, hee!:D I love the snow too. :)

Greetings to Walter. I hope he's settling in well :)

Jane Eccles said...

Hello to Walter - am sure we're going to see lots more of you !
I love autumn best of all, the colours and the bonfire-y sniff in the air,walking through the leaves and being cosy indoors,picking the apples and quinces on our trees.

sunnyduck said...

Hi Walter (waves excitedly!!!)
I love every season but Winter noses ahead by just a bit. I love snow, I don't ski or do any outdoor sports, but I love to shovel (especially in the middle of the night when it's so quiet you can hear it snowing). We haven't had much snow this year so one of your snow puffs would be a nice surprise! :)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are......DRUMROLL...


{ bex }



Jane Eccles



If you could please email me your addresses to I will ship your stickers out to you!

If you didn't win.. Don't fret! There'll be another sticker Sunday giveaway NEXT WEEK!

AND... These stickers are now available in my Etsy shop

As for the snowballs... They will be available in packs of two from tomorrow!!!

Thanks for taking part guys...See you next week!!!!

Treehugger_31 said...

Yay! Thank you! :)