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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Illustration Friday CAPABLE

CAPABLE..having attributes (as physical or mental power) required for performance or accomplishment 

Hmm..... Well my brain works a little differently to most.. It's childlike! 
My knowledge is small..but my imagination is MASSIVE!!

I spend time worrying about this..And about getting left behind! 
Sometimes I wonder if I have enough skills. But I guess it all comes down to whether or not I am capable! And YES! I may be a little eccentric to some..But I'm a Mum (a fun one at that or so he always tells  me!) I run my own little business and also do a small job on the side.. I look after my little family and furry friends and I try my best to spread sunshine wherever I go!

As for being left behind..Most of the time the world in my head is more fun anyway.. 
Feel free to come along!

Oh yeah but the picture... Is inspired by my Mum telling me as a child that she needed 
to be an octopus to get EVERYTHING done..And my Mum is the most capable lady I know!

She says that the downside to being capable is that you will work HARD..
The more incapable you act the more people will do for you.

But I know full well that if she got to do it all again she wouldn't change a thing!

P.S.. I know it's a squid... My Jacob LOVES squids!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope it kinda makes sense!!??

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