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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The week in review

YAY! A super fun week... Full of stitching .. stickers.. AWESOME mail... walking in the woods.. new stuff.. snuggling up for a read..sunrises.. sunsets and being with the people I love..

Monday.. I LOVE Mondays.. Mainly because I work from home ALL day!
This week I was making HAPPY KITS

And eating pink smarties..
Tuesday was ZINE crazy!!! Making LOADS of happy zines!

And heading out into the real world isn't so bad when the walk to school looks like this..

On Wednesday I got AWESOME mail!

An AMAZING Wilbur felted brooch from the lovely Yvonne at Socksy Beasts
AND STICKERS!!!!! From the super sweet Heidi M at LittleNore

Then on Thursday.. I made AND sold my first sock creature in AGES!
Meet Candy and Fluff..
On their way to their new home NOW!

And then there was Friday 13th..
But mine was AWESOME!!
Breakfast with my boyfriend.... I adore that boy! He makes me so happy!


My new friend Percy from the AMAZING Cannibalized Cuties

And LOOK! We got Miss H too!! Noah took a liking to her!

Also I grabbed myself a butterpillar from tinyoysterdesigns before they were all gone!

Oooh and Jacob bought me a new fluffy dressing gown and a book!

Just in time for a snuggly Friday night too..

Saturday I got a NEW unicorn for my collection from MossMountain

Then came SUNDAY!
I spent the morning working on mutant hamster puffs..

Then we went for a wonderful wander in the woods as the sun went down...

And captured THIS picture of me and my Jacob!

Which is SO CUTE!!! That it had me jumping for joy!!!

What did YOU get up to??
What are you looking forward to??
I'd love to hear...

Here's to a new one.. MAKE IT FUN!!!

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