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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The week in review

Some weeks are a breeze and others test you to your limits..This week was one of those.. My dearest Ethel got sick... we fought and we fought but it was no use.. sadly we lost the fight and my dear little girl headed over the rainbow bridge! I miss her so much..She was my inspiration.. my friend and a superstar! She will live on through my work and in my heart.. We had rainbows and sunrises..She'll ALWAYS be my orange!

My inspiration.....

I nursed my dear little girl for three whole days... We tried SO hard but she just couldn't fight the infection...

On our last full day together she was weak but still my beautiful little friend..

At least we got to have breakfast together.. And I got to tell her everything I wanted too..

I miss that little orange furball!

As a tribute.. I took a photo of a fairy hamster puff in the woods..

The woods helps me clear my head... And I can feel her all around!

I took my new camera to the woods too..

I love the spooky effects! And polaroids are magical!

I am selling hamster fairy puff sets in her memory in my Etsy shop

For EVERY pack sold I am donating £1 to the Small Animal Rescue Society..

Her memory will live on!!!

She will be missed by EVERYBODY that followed her adventures..

I have been so touched by the hundreds of messages I have received about her and can be happy that she made so many other people smile so much..

Here are a couple of tributes from friends on Flickr

How special!?? People have been so so wonderful and it's meant the world!!!

Here's MY tribute..

Also last week it was Dad's Birthday! Poor Dad.. twice around his birthday I have lost a furry friend!

I did him a funny doodle..

Well I had to do SOMETHING!
He baked him own cake for goodness sake!

Haha..It was coffee and it was DEEEELICIOUS!!!

So as ever... Sunshine..Rain.. Happiness and sadness.. But it all helps to make us who we are..

Here's to a sunnier week... Make it special!

1 comment:

Womble said...

So sorry for your loss :o( I know how you feel. I never got to say goodbye to my lil Shadow and lil Willow as I was away on holiday when they passed. Shadow had been ill for over a month with an infection and was on antibiotics and she seemed to be getting better and then she started to get ill again the day before we went on holiday. I had a feeling the day we left the cuddle and kiss I gave her might be the last. When I got the phone call from my friend asking my permission to have her put down it broke my heart that I couldn't be there and spent the day in tears. But when I had a phone call from her the next day saying Willow had died I couldn't believe it! I was so shocked! Turned out one of her teeth had chipped and they were uneven so she must not of been eating properly :o( I was soooooooooo gutted. So I only had Keshi to come home to. I knew it would be tough when I got back and I tried to stay strong but when my friend bought Shadow & Willow's empty cages home I just broke down completely (am filling up now just thinking about it) to me they were my lil girls and they always will be. Funny thing was I kept seeing them around my house for a while out the corner of my eye. So it was nice to think they were still around :o) when I had to move back to my parents my friend adopted Keshi and she did well and passed on the following year. As much as I love hamsters I dont think I could have another one now. It's too heartbreaking cos of their short lifespan. You did really well with Ethel, mine never made it to 2yrs :o( she may be gone but she will always be with you :o) you can see Shadow, Willow & Keshi here