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Monday, 9 January 2012

The week in review

WOW! Happy New Year! What a fun start to the year it was too.... Lots of with my boys..Ethel.. Hanging with Mr Plipp..Getting back on that bike.. New bell and basket for Ralph..New projects...And my HAPPY KITS were mega popular so it was a great positive start to 2012!


First day of the new year....
The weather was TERRIBLE!!
BUT..We still had LOTS of fun!

 It's the UNI-KORNZ back in action for new years day ROCK BAND!! ♥

Tuesday... Was PIRATE day!
I settled down for a relaxing last day of the holiday 
Just me.. Noah and Mr.plipp!


Then on Wednesday..It was back into the REAL WORLD!

Haha...But I took my bubble with me!

Then came home to get back to work... Making HAPPY KITS!

I couldn't have dreamt how popular they would turn out to be..

I sold 30 in one day! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who purchased my positivity in a paper bag!

I will be putting more in the shop on Wednesday.. As soon as I've packed up and sent off these!

I even have a new basket now on my bike...

So I can deliver my rainbow happy parcels in STYLE!!!

And ring my new bell as I go!

But for now.... I'm making mini white rabbits!!

And planning NEW STUFF for my Etsy shop!

Hmm... What else happened this week??

Oh yeah..I took THIS photo of Ethel...Which I like to call ham and egg

Ethel chomped her way through her very first hard boiled egg..And boy did she LOVE IT!!!

Next time I'm going to get footage! Haha she was SO noisy!! CHOMP!!

Oh yeah..Saturday after a 3 day headache was GLASSES DAY!
Eeek... Why don't I look CUTE like those geek girls??

RATS! Anyhow..It worked and I felt a lot better for Sunday's RELAX!

Aaaah..slippers and maxi dress... It's what Sunday's were made for!

Hey! Mr Plipp..Nice to see YOU taking it easy too..

And just to let you know that I started my NEW doodle diary!
Here are the first few days..

I am so excited to be doing this all again... Last year was a great achievement for me..
To check out last years doodle diary please go here

Well..That's my week.. How was yours??
I hope yours was a good one and here's to a new week!!

Lets hope its full of rainbows!

What are you looking forward to this coming week.. Me? Getting my shop open again and making some new creations.. Bringing back some old ones too!

Love and rainbows Kitty x


Cordelia said...

I love love love your doodle diary, I wish I was able to do something like that, you are a very talented girlie.

This year I am wanting to actually get my ickle online shop working and not just chatting about it!

Also I am feeling positive, I have had a crap year and a half but now I feel 'better.'


little bobbins said...

He he, 'Ham and Egg' made me laugh :D

A.A Van Hoof said...

You DO look cute in glasses! I do the same thing, self conscious, but people tell me I should wear them more, and so should you! BTW, I am out-of-my-mind jealous of your bunny slippers. I made some for my blythe, but I've never seen any in real life!!