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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The week in review

FANTASTIC week!!!! Boxing day..WHAT A WAY TO START!!! AMAZING! Playing with all my new goodies..BINGO... PANTO...Doodling... New dress..The most PERFECT new years eve with my furry friends AND ETHEL!!!!

Monday was boxing day!

Mum and Dad always come over to ours...
So much fun!
Even managed to snap this pic of my bro.. He's the serious one so this is a Christmas only special!
Are you ready ladies??

And of course we had BINGO!!!!
I got the prize I wanted... Thanks for letting me take your prize Mum.. I am useless at bingo!

YAY!! A fortune teller miracle fish!

An amazing day... An amazing Christmas..
It inspired this years THANK YOU poster for Mum and Dad!

And here's Noah's..

I love how inspired he is.. And SO creative!

Which reminds me... I did do a couple of doodles..

This one was a custom anniversary doodle!

  And this one was for my friends birthday.. Just to make her smile!! 

WOW! Is it all over? CRAZY!

I am SUCH a lucky girl..
LOOK! Jacob bought me an extra Christmas present!!

LOOK! My Jacob just got me an EXTRA Christmas present!! WOOOOOOOP!!! I am so lucky!! Can't wait to test my new lenses!!

And I headed out into the real world for a little..
Well just to get my goodies for the new year..

I want 2012 to be super creative!

Well after a couple of days of Christmas recovery.. It was PANTO time!

I LOVE the pantomime! Yes I'm goofy!! SO MUCH FUN!
My Grandparents used to take me when I was little..
Now Noah and I always go with Mum and Dad!

This year it was Cinderella..And it was FAB!

Well.. The next day was the last one of 2011
New year eve..

And you know what I do EVERY new years eve??
Well I head out with my boys and we hit the beach.. Yes its cold but what the heck
live a little! Oh and we have fish and chips!!!

Check this out!! A GIANT candy cane! COOOOL!!!

Here they are.. My boys..My world!

And me... What a granny!! Haha.. Having my tea on the beach with Mr Plipp!

Here he is tucking in..

The perfect way to spend the last day of the year!

I liked you 2011! You were generally pretty awesome!
2012 has a lot to live up to...

Well in the evening.. Of course we dressed up and did some singing on rock band!

Haha! I LOVE these guys!!!
Oh and of course..

She wasn't SO keen on the fireworks on the tv..

But.. Helped me put my new calendar up..
After checking out the competition...


Haha of course Mr Plipp was gonna be there! He LOVES a party!

HELLO 2012

LOOK.. New diary!

YES!! I actually completed last years DOODLE DIARY!!!

Here's the very last page!

If you would like to see my whole 365 doodle diary project up close... Please click HERE!!

Thanks for being with me through 2011!!!
2012??... BRING IT ON!!!

Happy new year guys.. May all your dreams come true!

In fact.. What ARE your dreams for the new year?? Anything you're excited about?
Please tell me.. I'd love to hear from you guys!

Me? I'm going to focus.. And be more oblivious to things I don't want or need to see.. And I'm not going to be held back by my fears!

So come on guys..Tell me yours!!


Anonymous said...

I really like your art and pictures, Kitty! Always makes me happy. You are a very positive person, with lots of energy! You really got nice presents :D You inspire me to buy the 2012 Daily Doodle Calendar too... I want to doodle more, just like you! Happy newyear!! Love, Danielle

topaz said...

i think you are the most fantastic out there lady i know.happy new year kitty and family.xx

little bobbins said...

I'm so pleased I found your blog this year, it's such a happy, colourful and inspirational place. I hope to bring more colour into my world this year :D

I love your doodle diary - what colouring pens do you use, I haven't managed to find any that don't bleed through the page in a Moleskine yet?

Thanks for all sharing your fab blog Kitty :D

Dani x