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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys.... Sorry its late

But here I am with THIS WEEKS Sticker Sunday!

And this week its all about... HAMSQUID!

Haha I created this character because of course I LOVE hamsters and Jacob LOVES squids

So on a silly day HAMSQUID was created!

I have 4 packs of these stickers to give away...

4 lucky winners will be picked at random on Monday morning..

Each will be sent 8 stickers.. 
Two of each design..
Then on Monday morning they will be available in my Etsy shop

But to be in for a chance to WIN this weeks stickers..All you have to do is..

Tell me what hybrid animal YOU would like to make up!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Stick it in a bottle and float the message away!
Whatever you can think of

Winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page




Chepcher Jones said...

A Bearow :) A part of a bear - as my Husband is one :) and me, a small cobalt crow :) We would have problems with food, because bears eat a lot, but well, I will try to fly it away :)

Love to Walter!!!

Anonymous said...

a pink pig with leopard dots :P i only can't make up a good name for it :/

Amanda said...

I would love to see a cat and a star fish mixed into a hybrid. Have a starfish like normal with a cat's tail and a cat's face, that meows and has all different kinds of patterns like a cat's fur. Star cat! :)

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

I'd love a kittyoctosaurous, a genetic mix of my three fav things Hello Kitty, Octopus and Dinosaurs. It will also be turquoise and blue as those are my fav colours.

Dreary Mouse said...

Def a cat mouse hybrid :D ha ha ... sharing your blog! Hope I win :D x

Misty Nosset (Mystik Dezigns) said...

lion and a sheep LOL

Misty Nosset (Mystik Dezigns) said...

and sharing :)

Bree said...

it would have to be a dogurtle (part dog) and (part turtle) it would have a long fluffy tail with a shell and ears

Katie Bryant said...

A chocolate duckbilled platypup, part platypus part chocolate labrador puppy, aww I'd take it for walks and it's wear the cutest dresses :)

Heidi M said...

super inventive stickers a hamsquid so good !! so my idea for a hybrid is a CatRabbit :D it would be all fluffy with big ears and the paws of a cat with a bunny tail....Oooo how gorgeous would that be, will tweet this :D

Claudieboo said...

I Love Hamsquid!!! They're bloomin' brill!!

I am a Bunnycat.. I Have fluffy bunny ears (made from my hands being placed on my head of course) and kitty tail. I eat carrots, hop about and meow. However on a really silly day I like to imaginary dress up as a Gir~Moose.. Where I have a reeeeeeeally long neck and great big antler things!!! My Imaginary Gir~Moose is called Russell... because of Rustling through leaves and and stuff.

Off to share ♥

Helen Clancy said...

It would have to be a Moopig, half piggy, half cow! xx :0)

Rhaeii said...

I would be a Sealicorn... Half seal, half unicorn :D
...Okay so technically Narwhales look like that, I suppose but it's still fun!

These stickers are just too cute! <3

~ Rhaeii

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are......DRUMROLL...


Chepcher Jones


Katie Bryant


If you could please email me your addresses to I will ship your stickers out to you!

If you didn't win.. Don't fret! There'll be another sticker Sunday giveaway NEXT WEEK!

AND... These stickers are now available in my Etsy shop

Thanks for taking part guys...See you next week!!!!