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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sticker Sunday and NEW YEARS GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy New Year guys!

Thanks so much for popping by.. Hope you had a magical new years eve?

Me? Well I went to the beach and had chips with my boys..

THEN... In the evening we dressed up and played ROCK BAND!!


Anyway.. Not only is it new years day but it's also

So.... Todays giveaway is a little different!

A little bit special!

Because I have been working on my very first ZINE!

People always ask me for advice on how to have such a sunny outlook!
It's EASY.. Be your own sunshine!
So.. My little zine (hopefully the first of many) is full of fun tips and happy advice!

ALSO.. I made positive new year stickers.. Perfect for your diaries!

AND.... What else would you guys like to start the new year and month with??

How about a tiny white rabbit puff?

WELL... Here you go.. Your new years kit.. Kitty style!

POSITIVITY in a paper bag!!

After all when better to shake yourself up with a new attitude than new year!

My new years resolution..

Gonna get myself some oblivion baby!

Not worry about what others are doing or thinking and just go for it!

All you have to do to be in for a chance to win one of these happy kits is..
Leave a little message on this blog telling me one of YOUR new years resolutions..
and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..Write it on a paper plane and throw it at someone..
(be careful though!)
Whatever you can think of
Have fun and PLEASE just share the love!

5 winners will be picked at random on Tuesday morning!

Then the little bags of sunshine will be on sale in my shop for January ONLY!!!

Happy New Year guys!
Have fun.. Love it..Live it



Thoopers said...

Love this blog so much its so bright and cheery always makes me smile! my resolution is to start up card making again to bring happyness to my friends who always love my cards <3 x

natasha said...

This year I am going to get organised !! I have even bought a Diary to help me - I am one of those people who get things done but spend half the time running around not knowing if I am coming or going so I think a little organisation is needed !! Here's to an organised 2012 . . . . now where did I put that Diary :p

Tweeted as pinktash4 xx

Mrs Griffiths said...

Happy New Year! I love your artwork, it's so fab and happy! My resolution this year is to learn to play the piano! xx

BECKY said...

My new years resolution is to take a photo every single day of 2012 (365 style) so that I can get back into my photography :D Ooh, I could use the pictures I take in my handmade cards too!! :D <3 xx

Sarah walters said...

To make time to follow blogs PROPERLY :6)

Espec yours if the giveaways are going to be this good :) - you're setting a very high standard :)

I've also tweeted & shared on Fbook :) xxx

Anonymous said...

this year i'm going to try to not be this shy !!
it's terrible to be afraid everytime someone ask you something :((
and i'm going to try to plan things better :PP because me and planning stuff isn't a really good combination :P ((not yet ))

xx <3

Saint Angel said...

Ok Kitty, I love your cheeriness every day! It's so nice to be able to count on you to have something positive to say. :). This year I'm trying to eat a bit healthier.

Candy Boulevard said...

EEEE! This giveaway is the cutest thing! :D

This year I want to be more organised, not eat so much cake, and find the positive in as much as possible! :D <3

Maggie Moore said...

My new years resolution is to take one day at a time... And not to worry so much about everything. <3

Tweeted it!!/Unloved_Tsukasa

cutedesigns said...

A very Happy New Year to you all Kitty! :) Looks like you had lots of fun!

Well oddly enough my new years resolution is to be more postitive after having a very tough negative year... so yeah, new year, fresh start. I'm loving all you do. :) x

CourtneyMarieT said...

Happy New Year Kitty! I like your oblivion resolution. I could stand to practice that one myself. :) My main resolution is to stop worrying about every little thing and just RELAX!

unusualbiscuit said...

So sweet! And I LOOOOOOOVED your outfit on the fish and chips picture!

If I win, the stickers and zine will go to my sponsor children in the "third" world and the puff will go into my collection of things I plan to raffle off for suicide awareness in December 2012 in memory of my uncle Damien....

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year's Kitty! One of my resolutions is to stick with a positive inner attitude. I can not change the world but I can change the world with in.
Love you,
PS- tweeted ;)

Chepcher Jones said...

You know what? I just want not to get old. Do not change in someone ordinary, boring and predictible. I have decided to finally have fun, feel free and proudly carry my bears with me during walks!
Just to be me!
Crazy maybe, but one and only ;)

love and kisses
Chepcher Jones

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Kitty, my new years resolution is to keep in touch with the friends I seemed to have lost along the way last year, and also to purchase doodles from u to make my mum smile as much as it all makes me smile, I love your doodles and puffs, more than I ever thought I could love a drawing or piece of material, your work is truly magical, keep doing what your so great at, because it make so many people smile :D <3

Katie said...

Posted me as anon :( I am in fact Katie Bryant @KatieBryant283

susan said...

Hi Happy New Year to you!!
My New Years resolution is to enjoy myself more and think positively about everything......oh and ALWAYS smile :)
<3 <3 <3

Misty Nosset (Mystik Dezigns) said...

YEAH!! LOVE this giveaway package!!!
Ummm, ONE of my big ones is to finally start my 2nd home business's Etsy shop!! Also, to be put on meds for my ADHD to see just how much more I could actually get DONE!! LOL

I can't wait to see all your posts everyday! You are the biggest ray of sunshine I see in my day....LOVE IT!!! xoxoxo

Kat Whitmore said...

Very cute stickers as always! (:
One resolution? I cant pick just one.
My top few are, start drawing again, I love to draw like a madman, but kinda dropped off in 2011. My second is to get out more, go for a run, a walk, or just go hang out with more people. Thirdly, I want to maintain my current relationship through this entire year.

Well, Happy New Year! (: <3

Deborah Cardinal said...

Weird, I commented earlier and it's disappeared... :S Sorry if you end up with 2 entries from me!

My resolution is to take a photo every day!

Love the Happy Kit, Kitty, it's a really cute idea! :)

Lost Star said...

Happy 2012! This years resolutions are to try and not stress so much, to keep up the running, and to CREATE as much as I can, in whatever medium takes my fancy!

Amanda Quinton said...

Happy New Year! I have a few resolutions... #1 To lose some weight and eat healthier. #2 Spend a little less and save some money. #3 Be less stressed.

This is a cute little package! I would love to have it!

Stay pink and positive Kitty! :)

gigifiji said...

I have 2 resolutions this year;
1- live with no regrets,make everyday count [started as I mean to continue by doing the new year dook in the river tay this morning by jumping in the icey water with a wonderful friend!]
2- take a picture of myself everyday for this whole year for a flip book project :)

I love your giveaways,art,life Outlook, think if everyone wad their own sunshine that's as good a resolution as any!xxx

Clairebear said...

Happy new year kitty! My resolution is to seize the day, stop worrying about if,buts and maybes,and focus on being creative, being a good friend,wife ,cat mum and to try and regain confidence in myself again x all in all the same as every years resolution to try and do better than I did the year before x you are so full of sunshine and positivity I am going to take a leaf from yr book and be my own sunshine! You are awesome kitty and I wish you all the love and luck in the world :) <3 Claire <3

Anonymous said...

Hummm Resolution- to resolve an issue that need's changing.... I don't like to make resolutions because I have a tendency not to just come up w/one thing that needs changing. So I just try to keep enjoying every day God gives me and "resolve/fix" issues as they arise. I think this year will be full of more happy days and lots of laughter in my days. Watching our grandchildren (2 & 3) say and do the funniest things is priceless. I also need to not procrastinate as much as I do now (this is something I strive to do better every

by the way your zine is awesome...I always say if you have something that you need to forget and let go, either write it down and burn the paper or put it in the written paper in a jar and either bury it (some would have lots of buried jars..;). Sometimes being literal of getting rid of things works for some.. And you have outdone yourself on these stickers!! totally full of happiness!! Love your outlook on life... huggs

hope I am one of the lucky 5!

Melanie Ann Green said...

My New Years resolution is to be more positive and confident... I usually break my resolutions pretty early (eating less chocolate... broke that one already!)

Hope that this new year is the year of the Kitty! Have a great one and keep making me smile xxx
aka feltmeupdesigns

Kazren25 said...

I don't usually make new years resolutions but this year I'm going to try and not let things get to me. Will try to be calmer at work and do my own thing with Sockytoys and not worry about the person copying my work!
I'll try to keep a smile on my face and when I'm fed up will keep looking at kitty pinkstars pictures of puffs etc they always make me smile :) x

drrao96 said...

My new years resolution is to be positive and work hard in school!
I am telling all my friends about you by the way!

little bobbins said...

What a wonderful New Year kit!

My resolution is to write down my achievements so I remember them instead of them getting lost in the everyday business, that way I can celebrate them :D

Tweeted about your fab New Years Giveaway :D

Happy New Year :D

Helga said...

How cool! My resolution is to look at the brighter side of life, be more positive and continue working on my journey to a better me :-)

Greenpixey said...

I don't make resolutions as I never really keep them. But I've made a promise to myself to do anything in my power and save up enough money so I can travel home to Sweden and visit my family this year. I have not been home for 9½ yrs and miss them all a lot

Keep up the good work with your blog and facebook page.
You are awesome and totally rock xxx

Christina (Fenix825) said...

Happy New Year Miss Kitty! You bring the most wonderful rays of sunshine to so many people's lives.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to stop being so negative. I have found that whenever I read your blog or see your creations, it brings a smile to my face and makes me happy. I want to try to have that same impact on someone else, so I am going to look at the positive and learn to not sweat the small stuff.

Thanks for this opportunity to win. Hope you and your family have many wonderful blessings in 2012.

Breezy 0505 said...

My resolution is to be more possitive side of things and to be more caring to do better in school and to find a better me <3 :)

miss leslieanne said...

These are so scrummy - lovely little package of sunshine to start the year!

My new year's to-do list (I don't like the word resoluution - sounds too final!), is to create more & worry less :)

Hope you have a fantastic 2012 - am off to click share on facebook now! xx

Happy Days said...

I've never seen your blog before and I love it, so cute! I'm not sure about my new year's resolutions yet, haven't had time to think about it with everything that I'm juggling! Maybe I should resolve to juggle less and take more time to put my feet up! I shall indeed share this on facebook, very stunning artistry that must be shared. And it's my 30th Birthday on Tuesday (just thought I'd throw that one in there for effect!!)

Anonymous said...

I've been following you on flickr for ages and now I'll be checking your blog out too :-) And I'll let peoples know on facebook where to find you :-)
NY's goal is to do something creative every day :-)
Happy new Year to you and yours :-)
MadRoo on flickr

Heidi M said...

Love and adore the giveaway :D
My resolution is to follow my path and stay true to my creativity, what others do is what others do, and adding one more, positivity to fuel the day each day :Dxx

Karen Adamson said...

Love your doodles they really brighten my day.
My New Year Resolution is to make time to express my creative side :)

Dawnmillie2009 said...

I love your doodles.

My new year resolution is to spend more time with my family. 2011 was not a great year for my wee family and i now plan to make the most of each day xxx

Rachel's Love Candles said...

Happy new year to you :o) Maybe this year I will be lucky enough to win 1 of your gorgeous puffs :o)

unusualbiscuit said...

Forgot to say my resolutions: eat healthier, loose weight, get more active, get back into education, clean more....

Roxanne said...

My resolution is to try and relax, and have a bit more time for myself, and do things I want to do, but usually shy away from it. This is my year to shine!

topaz said...

my resolition is to take every day as it comes.and remember there is allways some one in more pain than me.xx

Helen Clancy said...

What a FANTASTIC giveaway!! Thank you Kitty!! My new years resolution is to be more positive and work very hard on making my shop a success and hopefully sell lots of little piggys! I also want to try out my own doodle diary as you are such an inspiration xx :0)

x VickeryPokery x said...

Happy New Year Kitty :) What a fantastic giveaway!! My resolutions are to make time for myself and to treat myself with as much respect and kindness as I give others. Second to make time for my creativity (tied with the first one I think) x <3 x

Anonymous said...

I <3 you kitty Pink Star! :)

B.................. said...

Let's try again!
Awesome giveaway Miss Kitty, my goal for the New Year is to journal journal journal and try my hand at mixed media xx

Sarah said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! I am looking forward to what is to come from the wonderful KittyPinkStars this year!

My New Years Resolution is well I don't have have one - I can't keep them and when I 'fail' that makes me feel horrid so to start the New Year on a high I'm not making one and just looking forward to what it thrown at me.

*skips off to share away!!*

June said...

I don't do resolutions as I always break them! But I fully intend to carry on with my weight loss this year, which is a very positive thing :o)

Vicki said...

WOWZERS! What a give away! You are one awesome lady! Happy New Year!

I found you via a mutual FB friend - Socksy Beasts! Lovin' your work - it brightens my day!

My New Years resolution is to start looking after myself, to get fit and feel happy.

Sendng mucious love, V x

Twittered and FB'd!!

nostrabor said...

what a great give away happiness and sunshine love your work,

new to this, socksy beast put me onto you. Will definitely be back again.

NYRes is to be happy and supportive to my friends when they need it.

Hugs a plenty for you. Meg x

Suzanne Murdoch said...

Wow so many comments! Happy new year kitty! One of my resolutions is to learn to play the flute! It was meant to be last years but life got in the way! This year I will make beautiful (hopefully) music!

Claudieboo said...

Brill stuff! so excited for what you have coming this year :)
My new years resolution is to try hard not to let people hit my insecurities, or to let them take over!!
Off to get sharing now!!! :) xxxxxxx

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the WINNERS ARE...... DRUMROLL........


Mrs Griffiths


little bobbins


Breezy 0505

Heidi M




CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!! If you could please email me your addresses to I will send out your little new year kits this week!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you guys for entering... You really do make it extra fun!

And if you didn't win THIS time please don't be sad... You know me.. I ALWAYS do giveaways... The next one will be for VALENTINES DAY!!!! As for these little new years kits..Well they will be in my shop when it opens on 10th January and they will be available until the end of the month!!!

Keep smiling and sharing the SUNSHINE!!!!!

Christine Tally said...

My new year's resolution is to stop eating meat, stop procrastinating, make more crafts and smile more often.