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Monday, 26 December 2011

The week in review

WOWZERS!!!!!!!!! What an amazing week! The build up to Christmas with my favourite boys! Sushi... Doodling...Dressing up... Getting fab mail... A trip to the beach... AND THEN.... CHRISTMAS DAY!! 

Christmas REALLY inspired my doodling this year!

And after.. A REALLY busy November/ early December.. It was nice to kick back with my boys
my pens and a cup of tea and just doodle for FUN!!

I need to do this more!

We also went out for SUSHI!!!
After all... That's what holidays are for huh?

Then we went to the beach!
The beach in December.. The most perfect time to be there!

Silly fun with my boys!

We found an amazing art exhibit..

Bournemouth: AIDS memorial wall
Each tile on this wall represents a life lost to AIDS in Dorset. 

Such a beautiful idea..I truly believe we could tell the world about so many different things in this way!

Awareness through art!

Here are some of my favourites..

I loved THIS ONE..

Then back home for a few more days Christmas preparations 

Like making a special card for my Jacob!

And a lumpy space princess for my Noah!

Oh yeah... We got YETI mail!!


Then before you know it!

Christmas EVE!!!

Do we have to get up yet Dollie??

Ok... Well my new yummy vintage dress arrived.. I was up!

And off to the wish tree..
After all I had a present to deliver and a wish to leave!

I LOVE my tree... Please join in the fun and keep the wishes alive by joining in HERE

WOW! Then it was the time I'd been waiting for..
If you're a Mum then you know how exhausting it is being Santas little helper..

So..Presents set up... Glow in the dark balloons at the ready..Stockings filled!


Followed by CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

Perfect.. Woken up by Noah who was.. Rather excited about his presents wouldn't you say?


It's what Christmas is ALL ABOUT!! The look on my boys face!

From Jacob I got some AMAZING new lenses for my Nikon!

I CANNOT WAIT to try them!!!

From Noah I got a cute bag.. Sunshine flower and a sweet book about one girl and her hamster!

Made EXTRA special because he chose all his presents himself this year!!!!

I went out to visit Rapid Ralph! MY Christmas present from everyone this year that I received early 
So I gave him a polish AND a bow!


THEN... We went to Mum and Dad's for CHRISTMAS LUNCH!!!
The Christmas lunch is a military operation and she does it FANTASTICALLY!
Before I grow to large for the mirror I always take my yearly mirror shot..

At Mum and Dad's.... I adore this mirror! All the childhoods come back when I look into it!

The mirror in Mum and Dad's hallway! I loved this mirror as a little girl, when you looked in you could see my Nan's house because the building was completely the opposite of my parents... I thought it was MAGIC!!

So after lunch ......BINGO!!!!

Haha tradition EVERY year! I am bursting with bingo excitement!
I buy super prizes and fill my handmade fluffy bingo bag!

Present time was fun... Noah was so excited! And we had SO many laughs
I gave Mum and Dad their family doodle present!
They loved it..Dad is always fascinated at how he ALWAYS looks the same! 
I told him..It's how I see him!

Next... Teatime!!
Dad had baked cakes! 

All my childhoods come flooding back..

So many stories... But you'll have to wait for the THANK YOU poster that I draw for Mum and Dad!

As for Ethel... She got a new jigsaw..

And wished EVERYONE a Merry Christmas..

Here's my Countdown to Christmas mosaic...
25 days through my eyes!

WOW! I am SO HAPPY right now! And looking forward to the new year ♥ BRING IT ON!! ♥

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