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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The week in review

WOW!! What a fun week.... Christmas countdowns.. New pens.. Awesome mail..My Wilbur on the mend...Sunrises... Walking by the river... AND OUR ANNIVERSARY..YES Me and Jacob!! 3 YEARS!! WOOP! What a wonderful time I had.. I felt silly and happy.. Roll on the next one! ♥

The first frost...... WOW! winter is FINALLY here!!!

And I'm feeling a little more festive..

It was our anniversary! 3 YEARS!!!! Can you believe it???

This was us being GOOFY on our cinema date!

YEP!! We went to Nando's and then we saw THE THING!

Romantic huh?? Haha we LOVE a good (or bad) horror movie.
And as we LOVED the original..What better that to see this as our date movie!

Then as an extra special treat we went out for breakfast on our actual date day!

I LOVE that boy!

And he loves MEEEE!!!

Look at the awesome presents he bought me..

I bought him a COOL squid tee and sweets!! Lots of them...
Jelly sweet kebabs and marshmallow lollies!!

In fact I would have taken pics BUT he ate them SO QUICK!!!!
That boy sure does LOVE sweets!

Hmm... What else happened this week??

Well..I got AWESOME mail from my lovely friend Heidi from Little Nore


You need to check out her stuff it's super sweet!
She has a wonderful blog here

We also had a lovely wintery walk by the river..

I found this little creature up a tree! Hahaha!!

And when I got home.... New pens had been delivered!

Perfect for finishing off my doodle diary!
And NEXT YEARS is gonna be awesome with this rainbow collection!!!

Anyway..Sorry this is late.. Christmas orders have been keeping me busy!
How has your week been?
Thanks so much for popping by!!!

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