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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Double week in review

Hey guys... Well it has been a little CRAZY here so I apologise for the lack of week in review blog last week!

Anyway..Here's a bumper catch up blog..

WOW... Another week like the last..Really hard going on the emotions..Poor WIlbur became so dehydrated he went in on a drip..Then he refused to eat so as I type this he's back at the vets after an overnight!

That was pretty much what my week was full of... Worrying about my furry boy!

All I can do in times of worry is try and keep positive and keep making stuff... Cycling helps too... And sunsets..sunrises and ETHEL!!!

And then the next week....

Well ANOTHER tough one... My little furry boy stayed in the vets hospital for 4 whole nights.. I was going CRAZY without him I was visiting EVERY day!!.. I caught a cold when I was at my lowest and it was tough to shift it feeling so sad!.. I got Wilbur
home on Thursday and we are looked after each other! It was the perfect day to get him home because we put up the tree and started to feel a little festive.. The week was also full of doodling..stickers..aceos..puffs and all the usual!

 Now I'm off for a cuddle with my boy! Happy new week guys!! Have fun and make the most of EVERY day!

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