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Friday, 30 December 2011

Illustration Friday HIGHLIGHT


An outstanding part of an event or period of time.

Well For me THIS YEAR there is one OUTSTANDING MOMENT!!!!! Seeing Neil Diamond with Dad... I had waited ALL my life to share that moment with the one person in the world who would feel it as much as me! Man I could cry just thinking about how happy it made us! Yes..That's MY HIGHLIGHT!

Memories like you wouldn't believe..

And a feeling in my belly that will NEVER quit!

Highlight of the year..Highlight of my life!!

Thanks for looking guys.. 


Here's to many more Highlights!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Treasury Tuesday

The most wonderful party

Is the one with the people I love most in the world!

I've had a truly magical 2 days..I only hope that you feel as happy as I do right now!

Here's my tribute to the PERFECT Christmas party!!!

Have fun... Make memories that you'll NEVER wanna forget!

If you'd like a party of your own or just to see all these yummy goodies up close 
please just click HERE
Magical wishes to you all!

The week in review

WOWZERS!!!!!!!!! What an amazing week! The build up to Christmas with my favourite boys! Sushi... Doodling...Dressing up... Getting fab mail... A trip to the beach... AND THEN.... CHRISTMAS DAY!! 

Christmas REALLY inspired my doodling this year!

And after.. A REALLY busy November/ early December.. It was nice to kick back with my boys
my pens and a cup of tea and just doodle for FUN!!

I need to do this more!

We also went out for SUSHI!!!
After all... That's what holidays are for huh?

Then we went to the beach!
The beach in December.. The most perfect time to be there!

Silly fun with my boys!

We found an amazing art exhibit..

Bournemouth: AIDS memorial wall
Each tile on this wall represents a life lost to AIDS in Dorset. 

Such a beautiful idea..I truly believe we could tell the world about so many different things in this way!

Awareness through art!

Here are some of my favourites..

I loved THIS ONE..

Then back home for a few more days Christmas preparations 

Like making a special card for my Jacob!

And a lumpy space princess for my Noah!

Oh yeah... We got YETI mail!!


Then before you know it!

Christmas EVE!!!

Do we have to get up yet Dollie??

Ok... Well my new yummy vintage dress arrived.. I was up!

And off to the wish tree..
After all I had a present to deliver and a wish to leave!

I LOVE my tree... Please join in the fun and keep the wishes alive by joining in HERE

WOW! Then it was the time I'd been waiting for..
If you're a Mum then you know how exhausting it is being Santas little helper..

So..Presents set up... Glow in the dark balloons at the ready..Stockings filled!


Followed by CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

Perfect.. Woken up by Noah who was.. Rather excited about his presents wouldn't you say?


It's what Christmas is ALL ABOUT!! The look on my boys face!

From Jacob I got some AMAZING new lenses for my Nikon!

I CANNOT WAIT to try them!!!

From Noah I got a cute bag.. Sunshine flower and a sweet book about one girl and her hamster!

Made EXTRA special because he chose all his presents himself this year!!!!

I went out to visit Rapid Ralph! MY Christmas present from everyone this year that I received early 
So I gave him a polish AND a bow!


THEN... We went to Mum and Dad's for CHRISTMAS LUNCH!!!
The Christmas lunch is a military operation and she does it FANTASTICALLY!
Before I grow to large for the mirror I always take my yearly mirror shot..

At Mum and Dad's.... I adore this mirror! All the childhoods come back when I look into it!

The mirror in Mum and Dad's hallway! I loved this mirror as a little girl, when you looked in you could see my Nan's house because the building was completely the opposite of my parents... I thought it was MAGIC!!

So after lunch ......BINGO!!!!

Haha tradition EVERY year! I am bursting with bingo excitement!
I buy super prizes and fill my handmade fluffy bingo bag!

Present time was fun... Noah was so excited! And we had SO many laughs
I gave Mum and Dad their family doodle present!
They loved it..Dad is always fascinated at how he ALWAYS looks the same! 
I told him..It's how I see him!

Next... Teatime!!
Dad had baked cakes! 

All my childhoods come flooding back..

So many stories... But you'll have to wait for the THANK YOU poster that I draw for Mum and Dad!

As for Ethel... She got a new jigsaw..

And wished EVERYONE a Merry Christmas..

Here's my Countdown to Christmas mosaic...
25 days through my eyes!

WOW! I am SO HAPPY right now! And looking forward to the new year ♥ BRING IT ON!! ♥

Friday, 23 December 2011

Illustration Friday MESSENGER

A bearer of news.A forerunner a harbinger...a person who takes messages from one person or group to another or others!

I am full of sunshine and positivity! I like to create positivity and awareness through creativity.. I have a wishing tree and a head full of dreams..

I see myself as a messenger.. Sharing smiles with the world!

Life's just too short not too..

Thanks for stopping by..Did you smile?? I hope so!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Treasury Tuesday

Christmas is so nearly here I can smell it!

And.. I'm finally on holiday! WOOP!

So on my very first day off I headed out to town to buy... BINGO PRIZES!

Hahaha... It's one of the BIG highlights of Christmas along with Dad's indoor firework display
 and of course Mum's AMAZING feast!

Haha..Here's my thank you doodle from last year!

ALL the highlights are there..

So.. With this in mind.. Here's this weeks treasury

This is a collection of geeky Christmas themed goodies..

After all..We all get a little geeky at Christmas

BINGO!! And have FUN!!

Thanks for looking guys.. If you want to see any of the goodies up close please click HERE

And if I don't catch you before.. Have an AMAZING Christmas!!

The week in review

Well the world really works in strange ways.. The ups and downs I find really hard to deal with.. I like to live in my happy positivity..When that gets tested then I crash a little.. This week was one of those.. All I can say is hold onto the things you hold dear...

And there are ALWAYS rainbows.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sticker Sunday

Sorry it's late guys...
Here is is... STICKER SUNDAY!

This week its another Christmas special!

You see yesterday I spent the day doodling some Christmas aceos..

All available in my shop for TODAY ONLY!!!

AND..Even better..If you buy 3..The third one is FREE with the code BENTO 
at checkout!
All you have to do is head over to my Etsy shop

These little art cards are just PERFECT stocking fillers.. 
Each one is signed named and dated on the back and each one is completely unique!

ANYWAY onto the Sticker Sunday news...
As I loved these little illustrations so much I decided to print 9 of them onto sticker paper
allowing 4 winners to each receive 9 aceo stickers each

The stickers are a lot more muted in colour but still just as cute!

All you have to do is..... 
Leave a little message here on the blog 
AND please share my aceo sale anywhere and everywhere
by copying the little paragraph below..

Please head over to Kittypinkstars
ALL aceos are 3 for the price of 2 with the code BENTO
AND free stickers with EVERY 3 

You can tweet it..Facebook it.. Write it on a letter to Santa

Thank you so much for popping by .. And Happy Christmas!

Illustration Friday SINK


Go down below the surface of something, esp. of a liquid; become submerged

When the grey clouds or the blues come to get you... It's time to hang onto that rainbow.. 
Whatever you do.. 

Don't SINK!

Some days are better than others..
Sometimes life is hard

Don't let the blues stop you singing
Darling, you've only got a broken wing
Hey, you just hang on to my rainbow
Hang on to my rainbow
Hang on to my rainbow sleeves

Thanks for stopping by..

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The week in review

WOW!! What a fun week.... Christmas countdowns.. New pens.. Awesome mail..My Wilbur on the mend...Sunrises... Walking by the river... AND OUR ANNIVERSARY..YES Me and Jacob!! 3 YEARS!! WOOP! What a wonderful time I had.. I felt silly and happy.. Roll on the next one! ♥

The first frost...... WOW! winter is FINALLY here!!!

And I'm feeling a little more festive..

It was our anniversary! 3 YEARS!!!! Can you believe it???

This was us being GOOFY on our cinema date!

YEP!! We went to Nando's and then we saw THE THING!

Romantic huh?? Haha we LOVE a good (or bad) horror movie.
And as we LOVED the original..What better that to see this as our date movie!

Then as an extra special treat we went out for breakfast on our actual date day!

I LOVE that boy!

And he loves MEEEE!!!

Look at the awesome presents he bought me..

I bought him a COOL squid tee and sweets!! Lots of them...
Jelly sweet kebabs and marshmallow lollies!!

In fact I would have taken pics BUT he ate them SO QUICK!!!!
That boy sure does LOVE sweets!

Hmm... What else happened this week??

Well..I got AWESOME mail from my lovely friend Heidi from Little Nore


You need to check out her stuff it's super sweet!
She has a wonderful blog here

We also had a lovely wintery walk by the river..

I found this little creature up a tree! Hahaha!!

And when I got home.... New pens had been delivered!

Perfect for finishing off my doodle diary!
And NEXT YEARS is gonna be awesome with this rainbow collection!!!

Anyway..Sorry this is late.. Christmas orders have been keeping me busy!
How has your week been?
Thanks so much for popping by!!!