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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The week in review

Well..That was an exhausting emotional week.... My furry boy Wilbur went to the vets and they found out he had a few health issues.. SO... tests tests tests.. a LOT of cuddling.. wishing... positive thinking... walking.. sunrises...sunsets...rainbows.. unicorns and anything else that makes me feel like it's gonna be ok! It HAS to be ok.... 

Monday was a crazy busy catching up day...
LOADS of Rudolph puffs to be made.
Rudolph puffs are by far the favourite Christmas puff at the moment!

But then Tuesday... Everything fell behind..Wilbur got sick so was rushed up to the vets!

The vet had a list of things to check and said that his heart was very irregular and his breathing strange.
So he was kept in for tests.. 

That day I was 100% useless..
I cycled..LOTS!

Went to the wish tree to make a wish for Wilbur..

And took photographs of the woods

Then at the end of the day we got him back!
The vet said his breathing had calmed down a lot and it seemed more positive than we first thought
She gave him lots of medicine and said to go back on Thursday.

We went to get Noah's prize for winning the Tesco Halloween costume drawing competition and then went for dinner as a special treat for the little guy..

He certainly had a good time..

Wilbur went back on the Thursday..He had an X-ray and a shave!
The vet showed us the results.. It seems Wilbur has asthma and his heart is working a little faster to help him out with this..
She had expected the X-ray to look a lot worse so we were really relieved.
He brought medicine home and has to go back next week. But until then....
He has his cosy basket..

And LOTS of cuddles...

I LOVE that boy..


And he says he feels a little brighter!

Hmm..So what else has been happening?

Beautiful sunrises..

A trip to the beach..

AND a trip to the woods...

I took my tiny unicorn to the woods...

To watch the sun go down..

Oh and the greatest films to craft to THIS week were..

The thing with two heads

AND.. Race with the devil!

Oh how I LOVE vintage horrors!!!
1970's being my fave year for EVERYTHING haha!!

What have YOU been up to?
I'd love to hear..
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Beth Retro said...

Wilbur is gorgeous! I hope he keeps well. I know how hard it is when cats are poorly.
I love your blog Kitty! It's awesome! I hope you have a great weekend x