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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week in review

Well....Christmas preparations started here at the little pink house... And it felt SO MUCH like Autumn finally!! New headwear for me and Ethel... Hedgehogs and hanging in the woods.. 

Now I'm a funny one when it comes to Christmas..
I NEVER feel like I have enough time and am ALWAYS stressed.
I want to love it but there's something about it that makes me feel a little sad..
Like leaving the child in me behind and realising I'm all grown up.
Anyway.. I decided to try and overcome this feeling 
by starting on some Christmas goodies for the shop!

Haha tiny Santa hats..

I even made one for Ethel..

Haha ok ok so she wanted to pouch it rather than wear it.. BUT
Cutest picture ever right???

Then I started on the CHRISTMAS PUFFS!!!!!

Santa puff

Christmas pudding puff

Christmas tree puff

And the most popular so far...

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer puff!

I sold 5 of these straight away!

Oh and while I'm thinking about puffs.. Here's the special edition HEDGEHOG PUFF 

I made this guy for the Help a Hedgehog hospital Auction!
The bidding still has a few days..You can try and win him and help the hedgehogs here!

I had a few more custom doodles this week too..

I'm SO EXCITED to be getting so many custom doodle orders.. It really is a dream come true!

I got some FAB swap mail from Deadly Sweet

AMAZING huh?? I love to swap with artists that I REALLY admire and I have lusted after her ghosts for SO LONG! Now I have my very own on my ever growing handmade plush shelves!

Oooh I also got some AWESOME new headwear...

PERFECT for the unicorn queen huh??

It goes PERFECTLY with my Sunday maxi dress too....

And speaking of Sunday! We had THE BEST SUNDAY!!

We walked in the woods.. It's been AGES! And it was magical!

Time spent with my boys is ALWAYS magic 
But watching the sun fade away and the fire burn was so beautiful!

YES! The perfect Sunday!
It really felt like Autumn was well underway
and that Winter was coming FAST!

Being with my boys...

There's nothing like it!

I love taking photos.. With my Nikon or with my iPhone
I just collect memories..

Well that was my week.. What did YOU get up to?
What do you LOVE to do on a Sunday?

I'd love to hear from you guys..

Anyway.. Have a great week.. Do what you love and love what you do!

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