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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The week in review

Spooky kinda week... Halloween..Dark evenings.. Lots of doodling..Fireworks..Pumpkins..Spooky walks home.. Awesome mail..Dressing up..And a little down time but all in all.. Plenty of fun!

Monday was HALLOWEEEEEN!!!

Pumpkin time....
Yeah well Noah wanted Finn and Jake pumpkins so here are this years designs!

And we had some snacks and a little party..

Then spent the evening watching some bad horror movies..Including The Night Of The Demons!!

Of course Ethel had to celebrate

In fact I'm such a good hamster Mummy 
that I carved her a tiny little Halloween pumpkin from a carrot

Haha in fact she was so excited.. I think she wore herself out a little!

Aww.. Haha but for Ethel it's been quite a busy week!
On TUESDAY..She picked the winning ticket in the KPS draw!

She was AMAZING!!
Pouched the number straight away..Like a real pro!

And the winner was number 127 Claire Pedley!

Thanks for your help Ethel!

I also did lots more doodles

A couple of Birthday ones for friends..

AND after seeing a whole load of BUY HANDMADE THIS CHRISTMAS posters!
I decided to design my own..BUT this time driving home the originality card.
Too many of my friends have been ripped off by so called artists this year..
People pretending to be interested or asking for help and then stealing their ideas..

So my poster has the message very near to my heart


Speaking of handmade.. We got awesome Little Nore mail!

Super cute stickers and a new zine!

And Noah LOVED Claude!!!!


Oooh and I got a new friend from TinyOysterDesign

Meet Poorly!
Stuffed full of Menthol and guaranteed to make my grotty sinuses happy!

Then on Saturday... FIREWORK NIGHT!

And that ALWAYS makes me smile!

Yeah so some things went wrong and there were a few tough moments..
But I don't ever want to dwell on those..
I want to get up and keep smiling!

After all..

How true is that?

So find something special in EVERY day! 
A moment..A feeling
For me it's the feel of Autumn with Winter on the way.
The clocks going back, saying hello to the moon at 4pm..

Kicking through the leaves and breathing it all in..

So happy new week guys...
What are you feeling happy and thankful about?

1 comment:

little bobbins said...

I absolutely love Ethel's Halloween carrot - what a wonderful idea :D