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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The week in review

Hooray for half term! What a wonderful week..Full of doodling.. Cycling.. Stormy Autumn skies.. I hit 500 sales in my Etsy shop... Noah had a sleepover but no need to worry because I got a new friend from Tiny Oyster.. Doughnuts and dusting.. Oh and Ethel haha ALWAYS Ethel! 

Oh I do LOVE half term!! I never understand when I hear mothers moan and groan about having the kids off! But then we have an awesome relationship me and my Noah..He's one of my best friends!

You can't stop them growing up..But you CAN have as much fun with them as possible while they're still hanging out at home! SO on Monday we went for a cycle ride...

We went to the wish tree...

We LOVE cycling together now that I have Ralph! We had a few cycle rides this holiday..We can get anywhere and everywhere and It's so pretty where we live.. Only 5 mins away from our little pink house and we're here..

I LOVE this time of year for so many reasons..
The changing skies..The dark evenings..Magic clouds AND I get to wear my favourite hat!

YES! Autumn is the time for ME!!

It was an awesome week for mail too..
NEW vintage dresses... YEEE!!

Yee! I am loving my new change of style! It's the only way I know I am completely unique too!
No more high street for me!

All my kawaii clothes are going on sale here so grab a bargain guys!

I also got wonderful mail from one of my favourite etsy shops Tinyoysterdesigns

A new pocket sized Worry!

He arrived on the PERFECT day too because my Noah had a sleepover and as Jacob was working that night it was the first night I had been on my own for 10 years! EEK!

When Noah's not with me I worry most... I suffer with anxiety. I was worse before he was born.. He's my safety blanket.. I'm getting better..Worry helped a lot!

I spent the evening cleaning and dusting my shelves..

Yes I'm a crazy collector of plush!!

I love handmade.. And am always fascinated by plush! 
I have a long list of favourites and ALWAYS looking to collect more!

On Saturday it was time to get creative and make a start on Noah's Halloween disco costume!
He wanted to be Finn the human from Adventure Time!

So I made him the hat and bag..

And I couldn't resist trying it on....

Also this week I did a couple more fun custom doodles..
These two were so much fun..

Custom doodles are proving REALLY popular! 
I am SO excited because a year ago I was just starting out with them..

Which brings me to this..

I hit 500 sales in my Etsy shop!!


For supporting me.. I am slightly overwhelmed! Can't quite believe it and VERY excited!! Thank you to everyone for giving a home to a puff..a zombie..a lucha..a sock aceo..a doodle..a lil girl..stickers! WOW! You guys are amazing..THANK YOU! ♥

And thanks for stopping by and reading my blog... It means a lot!
Please stop and leave a hello 

Oh and before I go....

Ethel says hi too!

Have a great week.. And a fantastic bonfire night..STAY SAFE! 
Love and rainbows Kitty...


Vez said...

Looks like you had a great week! Congrats on the 500 sales :)

Helen Clancy said...

BIG HELLO ETHEL!!! and Kitty what an AWESOME week!!! xx :0)

drrao96 said...

i love this time of the year too!