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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sticker Sunday

Wow! Is it REALLY week 5 ALREADY!

Well..This week the stickers are dedicated to our wonderful cat Wilbur!
AKA Wilbur the wizard... The mighty AZLO!

He's had a rough week.. In and out of the vets for all kinds of tests.. 
He's had an xray..a shave..tablets and all kinds of pummelling about!

So that's why we dedicated this week to him..

There are two designs 

One by me..

And one by Noah my mega creative comic book artist 10 year old!

4 lucky winners will be picked at random on Monday morning..
Each will be sent 2 A5 sheets of my design and 2 A5 sheets of Noah's!

Then on Monday morning they will be available in my Etsy shop
If you missed last weeks stickers and wanted to collect them..They are only available for today!
SO..Grab them while you can..HERE

But to be in for a chance to WIN this weeks stickers..All you have to do is..
Leave Wilbur a little message on this blog..
and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..TELL your cat to let his mates know!
Whatever you can think of

Winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page

Good luck guys!

And for those of you who DON'T know Wilbur...
Well.. Here he is..


Anonymous said...

Good morning Wilbur, we hope you are feeling better real soon and you are back to tip top puurrrrrfffect condition xx lots of love Michelle Chapman (facebook) and Daisy cat xx

Helga said...

Hi dear Wilbur. Glad the vet could figure out what's wrong with you and make you all better. Best wishes for a speedy recovery :-) Hugs and pettings from Helga Dögg and Kleó the cat.

susan said...

Wilbur, you are truly a fantastic kitty! You are very strong with all youve been through and i wish you well soon! Sending lots of love and a big scratch on the top of your fuzzy head! <3 xx

Helen Clancy said...

Hi Wilbur!! I love these pics of you and Kitty, it really shows how much you love each other. You have been such a brave puddy cat this week, hope you are feeling better soon! Big cuddles from me and all of my mini zoo xx :0)

Candy Boulevard said...

Hey Wilbur, this is Suki, Emma's kitty! :D I have heard of your recent goings-ons, and I just wanted to let you know I feel your pain, I too was shaved once.... My advice would be to give your owner the 'sad face', they WILL feel sorry you and the treats and cuddles are more than worth that little bit of effort! :D I hope you feel better soon, oh and Emma sends her love! (lol)

Licks and snuggles, your biggest fan... Suki Mew-Mew! xxxx <3

Chepcher Jones said...

Dear Wilbur!
I hope You are feeling better! You are the most handsome cat ever!


Heidi M said...

Hi Wilbur, Nora, Evie and Heidi here, Love the stickers by Kitty and super talented Noah, Huge fans of Sticker sunday and have a wonderful growing collection. Wilbur you have been so brave this week and you have had lots of love and get well wishes behind you.
Lots love xxx

Rachel's Love Candles said...

Hope your feeling better soon Wilbur. Ask mummy to make you a little coat to cover your shaven bits ;)

sam-diablo said...

Aww, not a nice week for you, Wilbur! Hope everything's A-OK very soon! x x x ♥

Anonymous said...

wow Wilbur you have had a rough week...all these tests and then to be shaved that has got to be scary. I know your momma is taking extra care of you and giving you lots of snuggs. That in itself will make you feel better soon!

Kittypinkstars said...

DRUM ROLL........... And the winners are..




Helen Clancy


If you could please email me your addresses to I will ship your stickers out to you!

If you didn't win.. Don't fret! There'll be another sticker Sunday giveaway NEXT WEEK!

And.. These stickers are available for ONE WEEK ONLY in my shop...

Thanks for taking part guys...See you next week!!!!