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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys..

Well here we are on week 4 of STICKER SUNDAY!

This week is a little different because this week's stickers are drawn by my Noah!

At 10 years old he's a budding comic book artist..

Always making comics..Obsessed with comic books and his hero is Stan Lee!

He doodles the cutest little characters, and this week for sticker Sunday he chose the theme


Inspired by a suggestion on my Facebook page

4 lucky winners wil be picked at random on Monday Morning..
Each will be sent 2 A5 sheets of Mouse and Cheese Chronicles stickers.

Then on  Monday morning they will be available in my Etsy shop
If you missed last weeks stickers and wanted to collect them..They are only available for today!
SO..grab them while you can HERE

But to be in for a chance to WIN this weeks stickers..all you have to do is..
Leave a comment saying something nice about Noah's stickers!
Then share my blog..somewhere..ANYWHERE!!

You could TWEET it... SHARE it on Facebook... SEND a message by pigeon..
TELL your cat.. STICK it on a post it note!

Whatever you can think of... 



Candy Boulevard said...

Noah's stickers are awesome! I can see Noah's very own version of Kittypinkstars in the future! :D <3

Helen Clancy said...

So Cute! A budding artist in the making!! so talented just like his awesome mum. xx :0)

little bobbins said...

Great stickers! I love the cheese attacking mouse especially :D

Heidi M said...

Noah has blown me away with his amazing talent, i am buying these beauties as i want my special notebook to be covered in these stickers, i hope this is the start of lots of Noah art, so inspiring and so talented !!!

Anonymous said...

Awww I just want to hugg Noah!! he is so awesome and talented!! I know you are so proud of him and his artist talent (besides being totally adorable). I am so glad you are giving his stickers away I would love to add these to my journal pages ;)

Have a happy Sunday!!

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Talent obviously runs in the family! What a star Noah is! I would love to be included in your sticker giveaway! Thank you Sue x

Rachel's Love Candles said...

Oh they are so cute,Well done little man :o) I need me some of these. xx

Rachel's Love Candles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bigbluebed said...

I somehow lost my original comment!

Great stickers Noah! You have a great talent so don't stop drawing.

We would love to win your stickers.

Alix & Mary

B............... said...

WOW Noah, you are awesome and so talented.
I would love to win these stickers but if I don't I will be buying them, I have a new moleskine that needs brightening and these will be perfect!

B xxx

dottys heart said...

wow NOAH you are a super talented little man..... these are FAB.... LOVE LOVE LOVE them x

jO Scott said...

Awesome stickers, I especially like the teeth! Very creative

lilipopo said...

Wow, fantastic stickers! He'll soon be setting up his own etsy shop

Kate x

Claudieboo said...

Well Done Noah!!! These are fantastic and most awesome :) Hope to see more art from you soon :D

Kittypinkstars said...

DRUM ROLL...... And the winners are.....

Candy Boulevard





If you could please email me your addresses to I will ship your stickers out to you!

If you didn't win.. Don't fret! There'll be another sticker Sunday giveaway NEXT WEEK!

And.. These stickers are available for ONE WEEK ONLY in my shop...

Thanks for taking part guys...See you next week!!!!