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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sticker Sunday

Well here we are guys..WEEK 3 of STICKER SUNDAY!!
Thanks so much for your support, this has been super fun for me..

And this week is extra exciting BECAUSE
Not only do I have the usual A5 sheets BUT I also have a special A5 BONUS sticker!

The theme??


4 lucky winners will be picked at random on Monday morning..
Each will be sent 2 A5 sheets of Ethel stickers AND a bonus A5 sticker.

Then on Monday morning they will be available in my Etsy shop
If you missed last weeks stickers and wanted to collect them..They are only available for today!
SO..Grab them while you can...HERE

But to be in for a chance to WIN this weeks stickers.. All you have to do is..
Leave Ethel a sweet message on this blog 
and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
TWEET it..FACEBOOK it..WRITE about it on a paper plane and fly it to someone!
Whatever you can think of!

Winners will be picked on Monday morning and announced here and on my Facebook page

Good luck guys...

Oh and while we're thinking about Ethel stickers..
 Check out THESE that Noah (my 10 year old budding comic book artist) made me last week!

I'm thinking he could design the stickers for next week..
What do you guys think?
And favourites you'd like him to draw??

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know who Ethel is...


And she's a SUPERSTAR!

Thanks for popping by and GOOD LUCK!!


The Krafty Cupcake said...

Oh my these are super cute. Ethel must be exceptionally chuffed that she is such a super - ham-star! I would love to win some. Sue x

Laura said...

Ethel the super hammie! My little Bergamot say's hello! And as your famous can he get your autograph?

Bigbluebed said...

In our home we are a great fan of Ethel. She is a sweetie. Great stickers. You boy is an artist.

I will tweet.


Helga said...

Hi Ethel, you have the cutest toes :-) I once had a hamster named Igor but now he's over the rainbow bridge. I will share your pictures in this blog with my friends on Facebook.

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

To Ethel, my mummy is a bobbin with ur mummy. Your my fav superstar hamster, i have your puff next to my cage and if i win ur stickers my mum said i can have them on my tank so i can see u everyday. Hugs and mini rainbows love Elmo Farquhar. xxx

Clairebear said...

Hey Ethel ! Did you know you are facebook famous? We all adore you, and eagerly await yr mum posting photos of you, we think you rock, we think yr mum rocks too! X each time your mum posts a photo of you on Facebook you make me want a fuzzy little hamster buddy of my own, but unfortunately my cats wouldn't approve as they are little old men cats now,they don't like change much. But fortunately yr mum shows us lots of photos of you so that makes up for it x I'm off to share yr mums blog on my Facebook x catch ya later fuzzy face, don't be staying up all night on yr wheel, you cute little party animal xxx

Shereen said...

Hello Ethel! What can I say ... hmmm .. you are one super super cute hamster, gotta love those front teeth! More than my big girl has right now! Ethel I think for next week you need to design some cake stickers, the kind of cakes that a hamster would love ... covered in veggies and bright and colourful! Good luck with the creative thinking xxx

twannywun said...

Aw hello sweet Ethel! I would love your pretty stickers. x x
twannywun at hotmail dot com
Karen s

B............... said...

Hi Ethel,
I'm not sure if you know but I have a bit of a crush on youand I'd love to win your stickers so my Mummy canstick them on the bottom of my cage.

Much love
Theodore (and Beki) xxx

B............... said...

Hi Ethel,
I'm not sure if you know but I have a bit of a crush on youand I'd love to win your stickers so my Mummy canstick them on the bottom of my cage.

Much love
Theodore (and Beki) xxx

Helen Clancy said...

Sending JUMBO love and hugs your way Ethel! you are sooooooo cute !! I adore your little hammy hands!! I have everything crossed again this week to help bring me luck as I really want to win your Fabulous stickers. Noahs are fantastic too. xx :0)

Dreary Mouse said...

Dear Ethel,
Hi sweetums! I love you and your stickers are adorable. I got Ethel and Kitty mail yesterday which made me very happy. :D
I am going to share this blog on Twitter and FB!

Dreary Mouse
AKA Megan (aka Moss Mountain)

Anonymous said...

Lit'l Ethel you have the prettiest fur coat I have ever seen on a little wee one in your species family. I love the pic of you w/the flowers and w/your thumb up, we recently taught our 3 yr old grandson to give us "thumbs up" and he does it all the time when he sees someone do something good! even gives it to the people at the grocery store!! lol You need a camera hanging around your neck to take pics of all your fans!! tell your mum to doodle you posing like that!! too cute!!

sunlite705(at)( - Sue S.

Kittypinkstars said...

And the winners are......DRUMROLL...




Helen Clancy


If you could please email me your addresses to I will ship your stickers out to you!

If you didn't win.. Don't fret! There'll be another sticker Sunday giveaway NEXT WEEK!

And.. These stickers are available for ONE WEEK ONLY in my shop...

Thanks for taking part guys...See you next week!!!!