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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Firework GIVEAWAY!!!!

Happy fireworks day guys!

To celebrate one of my favourite days..

I'm doing a special puff GIVEAWAY!

I have 3 of these special edition firework puffs to give away..

All YOU have to do is

Leave a comment on this blog telling me YOUR 3 favourite things about 5th November!

Mine are.. The soft quite fireworks..A bonfire..Toffee apples!

Winners will be picked next Saturday... Good luck!!

Stay safe... Keep your furry friends safe and look out for wildlife!

Love Kitty


Claire Alexander said...

i love toffee apples, the amazing colours of all the fireworks and the big smile on my sons face when he sees the fireworks, he is so fascinated by them.

Chepcher Jones said...

This is something new for me. Love Guy dolls, and sparkling things in the air. Like millions of stars dancing around me - but I am always in panic when the pop near me ;) But the best is sound and smell of the burning wood, raisins around, fire touching the air - magic all around ;)
Love the fire!!! :)

Vez said...

I love the crackling sound wood makes on the bonfire, wrapping up warm and snuggly and saying "oooooooooo!" every five seconds.

Anonymous said...

Crackling bonfires
Glowing faces in the light of a huge blaze
and the sound of bonfire folk going "woooow" when a firework goes off.

Mercedes said...

I love lighting up paper lanterns and making wishes! Running around like a loon with sparklers trying to spell out my name in time! :D Then veg out on the sofa with a ton of blankets and some awesome movies!

Also I love mulled wine this time of year its so yummy!

Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! ^_____^

CourtneyMarieT said...

I'm going to give my husbands 3 favorite things about Bonfire night because he is English and gets a little homesick this time of year, and sadly I've never been over during Bonfire Night :(
1: Sparklers
2: The smell of the fire
3: The crisp November air

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Fab giveaway. My 3 favourite things are, The heat from the bonfire, a lovely hot jacket potato and sparklers! Sue x

jade mcluckie said...

oh i love
the smell of the fire works and bonfire.
melted marshmallows of the bonfire.
sending my paper lantern off into the sky with our phone number attached, and waiting to see who will phone, and see where the lantern landed. we have a map we have pins in for all the phone calls wev had.
jade xx

Kayla said...

To be fun bonfires and hot chocolate, and the crisp frost first thing in the morning.

Back in 2006 on this day Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for the role in the massacre of the 148 Shi'as in 1982....Something that shouldn't be forgotten....)

Candy Boulevard said...

My most favourite things about today are pretty fireworks like explosions of happyness in the sky, and wearing cozy jumpers outside while sipping on a hot chocolate and having toasted marshmallows! Also this will be Rudi's first time seeing proper fireworks so im super excited! :D <3

Anonymous said...

I have mild pyrophobia due to my scarf catching fire on bonfire night when I was little, but I still love to watch the pretty lights from the safety of the house.

my three favorite things would be-
watching my cat batting the window trying to catch the fireworks
Parkin and bonfire toffee
drinking Gløgg and Glühwein with friends

polly doodars said...

love the kalidascope of colours of the firework displays lighting up the dark sky it if we are inside and the kids rush to the nearest windows to try to see them in time ...and love it when we all huddle together hanging out the loft window to get the best view of the biggest displays and saying 'OOoooooo!! ...Aaaahhhh!!' as each one seems to have even more of the wow factor!

drrao96 said...

the cold, wearing big fuzzy jackets, and sitting under the covers reading a book!

Heidi M said...

like the orangey skys that seem to appear just before it gets dark, warm soup outside with the bonfire crackling, being wrapped up in hats and gloves.
I think your firework puffs are wonderful, and magical Kitty x

Kazren25 said...

I love the bright colours against the black of the sky, the warmth from the bonfire and the look on children's faces as each firework explodes and shoots out it's amazing colours.

lilipopo said...

the burny heat of such a HUGE fire when it's so bitter cold outside.
the blue fountainy HUGE fireworks.
hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows.
ooh and a lovely pink firework puff (does that make four things?) I have many more things because I LOVE bonfire night

Kate x

Annis in wonderland said...

definitely toffee apples, and definitely screamers, and also the big colourful fireworks that make a huge BANG!!!


Taryn dennis said...

My favourite things about bonfire night are snuggling upto your loved one, watching the magical colours burst across the black sky and frantically writing your name with a sparkler <3

Quernus Crafts said...

I love sparklers too! I love writing words with them, and I love the smell of them!

I love the snap and pop of a really well established bonfire - and the cavernous glow within where it looks like a salamander could pop out at any moment.

I love the spirit of togetherness that happens when everyone is oohing and aahing at the fireworks, and the petty niggles are forgotten for a few magical moments.


x VickeryPokery x said...

I love the sparkly showery fireworks, the warmth of the lovely golden fire on our faces and the sweet warm treats that we have when we get home all cold and damp. Missing all of these this weekend as am on nightshifts :(
x- thank you so much for this fab giveaway -x

legs21 said...

The heat from the bonfire, a lovely hot jacket potato and sparklers

Debbie said...

I love the sunshine, the extra hour because of changing from daylight savings time, and the magnificent autumn colours!

Claudieboo said...

I love wearing gloves so I can play with sparklers, a good bonfire and snuggling up after all the excitement :) x

Helen Clancy said...

LOVE your firework puff!! My 3 favourite things about Bonfire night are -

I love the smell of the fireworks that fills the air,
I love the crackling noise of the fireworks and sparklers
and the fantastic colours that light up the sky.

Thank you Kitty for this fantastic giveaway!! xx :0)

Charliechipmunk said...

I love sparklers and spinning them round and round and writing you name untill the tiny firework on you stick burns out.
I love sitting on my dads shoulders to watch all the fireworks wizz up and sparkle.
I love wrapping up warm in hats and gloves and standing round the bonfire trying to spot any of the items that got burnt :D

Thankyou :) xx Charlotte - 11

Anonymous said...

favorite things about 11/5 are 1) still on summer daylite savings time which means last day before we loose an hour of sunlight and our days start earlier 2) weather gets colder and time to pull out the long sleeves, sweaters, boots & sweats 3) good bye skeeters, those little blood suckers not just hurt but itch for days... hello fall and winter! ***bonus mention....this weekend Renassance Festival opened!!!

sunlite705(at)( Sue S.

adorable puffs!!!